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These Herman Miller cubicles AO2 Style are available at an unbelievable price and include FREE space planning services with orders of 6 or more stations. 


The most popular sizes include 2x4, 5x5, 5x6, 6x6, 6x8, 8x8 and 8x12, but Herman Miller workstations are highly customizable to fit your unique office space.


Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #2x4x47
$549 AO2 2x4x47H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #2x4x53
$595 AO2 2x4x53H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #2x4x67
$799 AO2 2x4x67H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #5x5x47
$999 AO2 5x5x47H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #5x5x53
$1,055 AO2 5x5x53H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #5x5x67
$1,299 AO2 5x5x67H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #5x5x53&67
$1259 AO2 5x5x53/67H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #5x6x47
$1,029 AO2 5x6x47H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #5x6x53
$1,069 AO2 5x6x53H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #5x6x67
$1,349 AO2 5x6x67H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #5x6x53-67
$1299 AO2 5x6x53/67H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #6x6x47
$1,145 AO2 6x6x47H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #6x6x53
$1,209 AO2 6x6x53H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #6x6x67
$1,479 AO2 6x6x67H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #6x6x53-67
$1425 AO2 6x6x53/67H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #6x8x47
$1,235 AO2 6x8x47H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #6x8x53
$1,309 AO2 6x8x53H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #6x8x67
$1,585 AO2 6x8x67H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #6x8x53-67
$1525 AO2 6x8x53/67H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #8x8x53
$1,315 AO2 8x8x53H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #8x8x67
$1,625 AO2 8x8x67H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #8x8x53-67
$1549 AO2 8x8x53/67H 
Herman Miller Cubicles AO2 Style - #8x12x67
$2,675 AO2 8x12x67H 


Feature Overview – Herman Miller Cubicles, AO2 Style:

  • Panel Widths: 12″ / 24” / 30” / 36” / 48” / 60″
  • Panel Heights: 32” / 39” / 47” / 53” / 67” / 85”
  • Modular Wall Heights: 95” / 99” / 103” / 107”
  • Segmented Glass, Fabric and Marker Board Stacker Options
  • Monolithic Fabric, Fabric Tackable and Extra-Acoustic Options
  • Corrugated, honeycombed paperboard core
  • Structural panel is UL listed, with Class A fire rating for flame spread and smoke development
  • Powered panel has a factory installed electrical harness that distributes double-sided, 4 circuit power within a cable management raceway in the panel bases
  • Open Plan Systems – MADE IN THE USA, compatible with and modeled to the exact same specifications as original Herman Miller Action Office
  • Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks Standard, 1-Week QuickShip Available
  • Minimum Order: 6 units. Greater discounts above 24 units.





How do you determine which cubicle is right for you? You have many options for the footprints (L’ x W’) of your workstations, as well as a great deal of flexibility when it comes to the height of your cubicle walls. After that, you should also consider functional additions like storage, tech accessories and lighting, as well as aesthetic additions like glass tiles and finish upgrades. The best match for you really depends on the nature of the work being done.




Call centers, customer service departments, and companies that really need to maximize their limited corporate office square footage as much as possible tend to go with smaller 2x4 or 5x5 workstations.  In fact, we have an entire page dedicated to call center cubicles. These cubicles will comfortably accommodate a worker plus one set of desk drawers (referred to as a filing pedestal). If you want an L-shaped cubicle, the smallest size possible for this configuration is 5x5.

If you are really strapped for office space, technically Herman Miller AO2 stations can be as small as 2x3 but we don’t really recommend this size, as your workers may end up feeling incredibly cramped, and therefore distracted and less productive. There is also not enough room for both leg space AND filing drawers in a unit this small.

Slightly larger 5x6 and 6x6 stations are the most popular for all types of administrative, clerical and accounting work. This is also the most common size for public relations, marketing, and sales departments where the team members have multiple projects or clients, a blend of individual and shared work, and can benefit from enough private space to spread out and multi-task.  These office work stations are large enough to accommodate one worker and two filing pedestals.

Even larger footprints of 6x8 or 8x8 are generally reserved for managers and supervisors, as more private space is often a valued perk that comes with promotions and seniority. But these sizes are also useful for industries that, just by the very nature of the work being done and the larger equipment being used, need more elbow room. Engineers, architects, contractors – these types of workers can all benefit from a larger cubicle.

Lastly, 8x12 cubicles are best suited for those who need something that feels and functions more like a private office. There is enough space to host small meetings right at one’s desk. When built with tall 85”H panels, you can add a locking door to provide ultimate privacy for the work being done. Quieter, high-walled, closed-door cubicles are the way to go for those who handle classified information like executives, human resources, and legal departments.

And speaking of privacy, now it’s time to talk a little bit about the height of your cubicle panels.

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While almost every cubicle system includes low, medium, and tall panel options in their catalog, every cubicle manufacturer differs in the exact heights offered. The system on this page is modeled to the exact specifications of original Herman Miller Action Office.

If your office workflow can be described as highly collaborative with very little independent/focused tasks, you would be wise to stick with low-privacy panel heights at 39”H or lower – these will allow the user to see eye-to-eye over the tops of the panels and interact, even from a seated position. As a useful point of reference, the typical desk surface is at 30”H, so a 32”H cubicle panel is just enough to keep your pencil from rolling off your desk and onto the floor.

For mixed types of work where a medium level of privacy is preferred, consider either 47” or 53”H panels – most people will still be able to see over the top of a 47”H cubicle divider when seated, but it’s typically enough division to shelter your tasks and computer monitors from wandering eyes.

High-privacy cubicle walls of 67” or more are best suited for work environments that benefit from minimizing interaction. If the work is independent and requires focus, a higher cubicle panel can help block visual and acoustic distractions, and lead to better productivity.

Most of our clients end up choosing a combination of multiple panel heights which allows us to create a highly efficient space plan that takes all their goals into consideration.

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Once you have the right size and shape – now it’s time to accessorize! The most popular office cubicle accessories have to do with storage and space management. 99% of our clients add a 2 or 3 drawer filing pedestal, but you can also add cubicle shelves or overhead bins with doors, pencil drawers, and even storage lockers.

Free up clutter on your desktop with marker boards, tack boards, and paper management toolbars that hang on the panel. Support your posture and advocate for your health with ergonomic additions like keyboard trays and monitor arms. Don’t forget to prevent eye strain with proper task lighting. Then you may also consider the little “extras” of convenience, like coat hooks and desktop power/data hubs.

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Finally, we get to the fun part – Colors & Fabrics! With today’s modern cubicles, there are a number of ways you can spruce up the classic Herman Miller office furniture workstation of yesterday. You need office furniture that pleases the eye, impresses the guests, and makes your team feel happy to come to work every morning.

Let the light flow through your office by adding glass windows into the cubicle panels. Add a splash of your corporate colors with desk screen dividers or panel-top mullions. Open up your aisle ways (and save dollars!) by ditching the “wing” panel that wraps around the cubicle desk, and go with modern desk legs for an upscale, open office appearance.

Today’s trends are all about white office furniture – you can specify your Herman Miller cubicles in ALL WHITE if you like! White work surfaces, white trim paint, white panel fabric – Yes, we can do that!

The full list of AO2 Finishes are extensive. With 200+ fabrics, 16 work surfaces and 5 trim paints, they are sure to please anyone and everyone. Looking to save a little money? Choose from our Sustainable Series Finishes. Looking to save a little time? Choose from our 7-Day Quick-Ship Finishes.

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing the perfect cubicle (well, maybe your office ceiling is the limit) – contact us today and speak with a space planning professional who can design something just for you!

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