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Glass Partition Walls Survey

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If you don't know the answer, or the answer is not listed, please click on the "Don't know/Other" option.
  • The Plan

    1. Let us be your 1-Stop Shop! What services interest you? (check all that apply)

    2. Do you have a file showing your designated area(s) for these Glass Partition Walls?

    - Recommended formats: CAD, PDF, DOC, or a hand sketch (you can also fax to 212-764-5105)

    - If you have photos of the area where you want to install glass walls, we’d love those too (JPG)

    Please describe your space details below. What are you trying to achieve? What is the use of this space? Do you have any special requirements?

    Please keep in mind that we would not able to quote projects if:
    • Total linear footage is less than 15 linear feet.
    • Any freestanding (not attached to ceiling) seamless wall is higher than 8 feet.
    • Any freestanding (not attached to ceiling, or not attached to another perpendicular wall) span of glass wall is longer than 12 feet.

    3. What is your time frame to finish this project? :

    4. Is there a budget for this project?

  • Glass Partition Wall Style & Configuration

    1. What style are you looking for?*

    2. What type of configuration are you looking for?*

  • Glass Partition Door Type

    1. What Door Type Interests You?*

    No Glass/Solid
    No Glass/Solid
    Single Sliding
    Doors ($)
    Single Swing
    Doors ($$)
    Double Sliding
    Doors ($$$)
    Double Swing
    Doors ($$$$)
    Don't know/Other

    2. Do you have any special door requirements? Please list them below:

  • Tell Us More About Your Space

    1. What is your Ceiling Type?*

    2. What is your Visible Surface Floor Type?*

    3. What is your Sub-Floor Type?*

    4. What is your Wall Type?*

    5. Can we secure the Glass Wall Partitions to the:*


    6. Is your space Sprinklered?*

    7. Building*

    8. Special requirements

  • Need Cubicles?


    How many people do you need stations for?

    2.Panel Heights:

    How much privacy do your employees need?


    Describe the nature of the job, and we can suggest "add-ons" to make the workflow more efficient!

  • Need Other furniture?

    1.What types of furniture would you like us to provide?

    2.What furniture personality best fits your company?

  • Contact Information
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