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Glass Partition Walls Survey

  • The Plan

    1. Let us be your 1-Stop Shop! What services interest you? (check all that apply)

    2. Do you have a file showing your designated area(s) for these Glass Partition Walls?

    - Recommended formats: CAD, PDF, DOC, or a hand sketch (you can also fax to 212-764-5105)

    - If you have photos of the area where you want to install glass walls, we’d love those too (JPG)

    Please describe your space details below, and our designers will develop a plan for you.

    3. What is your time frame to finish this project? :

    4. Is there a budget for this project?

  • Glass Partition Wall Style & Configuration

    1. What style are you looking for?

    2. What type of configuration are you looking for?

  • Glass Partition Door Type

    1. What Door Type Interests You?

    No Glass/Solid
    No Glass/Solid
    Single Sliding
    Doors ($)
    Single Swing
    Doors ($$)
    Double Sliding
    Doors ($$$)
    Double Swing
    Doors ($$$$)
    Don't know/Other
  • Tell Us More About Your Space

    1. What is your Ceiling Type?

    2. What is your Visible Surface Floor Type?

    3. What is your Sub-Floor Type?

    4. What is your Wall Type?

    5. Can we secure the Glass Wall Partitions to the:


    6. Is your space Sprinklered?

    7. Will you require Installation Services?

  • Need Cubicles?


    How many people do you need stations for?

    2.Panel Heights:

    How much privacy do your employees need?


    Describe the nature of the job, and we can suggest "add-ons" to make the workflow more efficient!

  • Need Other furniture?

    1.What types of furniture would you like us to provide?

    2.What furniture personality best fits your company?

  • Contact Information
    - - Ext.
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