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Steelcase Avenir Cubicles

Steelcase Avenir was not the office furniture product that made Steelcase an iconic brand. You don’t become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of business furniture by producing just one great product. Fortitude, skill, and the willingness to think way outside of the box are key ingredients to making it beyond 100 years as a company. When smoking in the workplace was common, Steelcase addressed the hazard and was awarded their first patent in 1914 for a steel fireproof wastebasket. Brilliance in the making.

Moving on to collaborate with the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1930’s for new office furniture designs, Steelcase  produced successful patents for years with well-known models of Steelcase workstations including Series 9000, Montage, Kick and the Answer furniture systems, not to mention the Leap Chair by Steelcase and its Criterion Chair.

Luckily for consumers, patents eventually expire.  When they do, others typically seek to mimic the ingenuity behind the patent by recreating the same design in their own factories. These clone copies of the original models are often identical down to nuts & bolts.  They can be indistinguishable and interchangeable… aside from having a lower price.

Scroll down to see all the versatile applications for these highly adaptable cloned Avenir Steelcase cubicles, and then contact us to get started.

Steelcase Avenir in the Open Office

Steelcase Avenir Open Office Typical

Typical 6x6x39H

Starting at: $1,029/Seat*


Additional Layout Inspiration:


Ideal for:

Creative marketing/PR agencies, graphic design firms, media newsrooms, trading floors 

Size Range:

2'x5' Straight Desk to 6'x6' L Shape Desk

Workflow Style: 

High interaction and frequent collaboration among team members


Encourages teamwork, eye to eye and face to face connections


No privacy, noisy distractions, greater health risk of spreading germs and sick days

Pro Tip:

With fewer components than traditional cubicles, keep it light and airy with white or light colored finishes and select just one element for a bold flash of your corporate colors


Steelcase Avenir for your Call Center

steelcase avenir 2x4x48 typical

Typical 2x4x53H

Starting at: $549/Seat*


Additional Layout Inspiration:


Ideal for:

Well... you know. Call Centers

Size Range:

2'x4' Straight Desk to 5'x5' Lshaped Desk

Workflow Style: 

Minimal interaction, mostly independent work with heavy phone and computer use, minimal paperwork or physical items


Small size footprint (average 2x4) maximizes the occupancy in your space, tall panels minimize distractions from phone conversations 


Can feel cramped, like a classic "cubicle farm", employees can tend to feel isolated and anonymous

Pro Tip:

Avoid the temptation to go with low panels for an open office feel if your team members spend a great deal of time on the phone and need to be able to hear their own conversations but not their neighbors. Spend a little extra $ upgrading to acoustic panels that are best equipped to cut down on traveling voices from one station to the next


Steelcase Avenir Traditional Cubicle Workstations

Steelcase Avenir 6x6x53 typical

Typical 6x6 - 65/53H

Starting at: $1,145/Seat*


Additional Layout Inspiration:


Ideal for:

Accounting/financial industries, sales departments, administrative departments, recruitment firms, some law firms

Size Range:

5'x6' L-shaped to 8'x8' U-shaped Desk

Workflow Style: 

Mostly independent and focused work with minimal collaboration, and the need for paper management and storage


Optimizes privacy and minimizes distractions


Isolates team members and can make it more difficult for a central manager to oversee individual productivity

Pro Tip:

Not all cubicles need to be cookie cutter copies of each other. Speak with one of our design consultants to better understand the needs of each department, then customize and accessorize the areas to truly work for your unique workflows and work culture.


Transitioning from a Private Office to Avenir

Steelcase Avenir Private Office

Typical 8x12x65H

Starting at: $2,675/Office*


Additional Layout Inspiration:


Ideal for:

Executives, human resources departments, high security industries, firms that deal with sensitive or classified information 

Size Range:

8'x10' L- or U-Shaped desk to 12'x15' U-Shaped desk with meeting area

Workflow Style: 

Highly individual and private work that often requires private meeting space for employees or clients


Maximum privacy and individual space, capable of adding a locking door, very similar form and function to a traditional private office


They'll never quite have the same great views as a real corner office

Pro Tip:

Make sure to select workstations that are large enough to accommodate guests for private conversations or mini meetings. Add a few guest chairs around a P-top or peninsula deskfront to encourage visitors.


Versatility Abounds with Avenir

You name it... we can build it with Steelcase Avenir. Why stop at just individual workstations? With this system we can build out your entire workspace with the same matching components - from floor to ceiling dividing walls, to reception stations, we can even furnish your private offices with the desk components, no panels required. The sky is the limit - so let's get started today!



Avenir Panel Heights and Stacker Options

Standard panel widths include 24" - 30" - 36" - 48" - 60"

Standard panel heights include 41" - 53" - 65"

Stack on panel additions can reach a total height of 80"

Build your own style with multiple stacker options, including laminate woodgrain or solid colors, tackable and acoustical fabric, marker board, open pass-through, and glass (clear/smoked/frosted). Stackers can offer greater privacy and more dynamic functions to your team. For even greater privacy, flexible floor-to-ceiling options are also possible for a flush, aesthetically pleasing structural wall that is just a fraction of the cost of traditional drywall installations, and reusable.


Avenir System Features and Highlights


Conceal your data and communication cabling easily through the extra high top caps and knockouts in every panel.

Decrease clutter with a tool rail bar and hanging paper management accessories like paper trays, sorter trays, binder bins, and pencil holders.

Securely store files and belongings in a filing pedestal, either 2 file drawers or 2 small box drawers and 1 file drawer. Freestanding or mobile.

Add form and function to your desktop with a variety of single and double leg options, painted to match your finish selection. Adjustable glides included.

Let the light shine through your offices with panels fully glazed in clear, smoked, or frosted acrylic. Partially glazed panels are also available with a fabric lower half.

Keep your items tucked away within arms reach with overhead storage options that include both open shelves and locking bins with convenient flip-top doors.

If you need more storage, add a combo file center to your work area. Options include 2-box/1-file/1-lateral, 2-file/1-lateral, or 2-lateral.

Rest assured that all electrical systems are UL-listed and offer a robust 8 wire 4 circuit system, or a 5 wire 3 circuit system if you prefer.


Q: Why should you care about patents?

A: Because when patents expire, others follow the leader and cause supply to increase.  Greater supply typically leads to lower prices. This is exactly what happened with the Avenir Steelcase furniture system.

Q: Why is this good news for you?

A: Because now you can purchase Steelcase’s formerly patented office systems at a significant savings. Our offerings include New/Clone, Remanufactured/Blended, and even used Steelcase Avenir.

Q: Why is the Avenir line of Steelcase office cubicles worthy of your consideration?

A: Because their engineering and design offers simplicity, versatility, and value that has stood the test of time. It has a wide variety of panel, component and surface material options. It is one of only a few panel systems with universal panel to panel connectors (talk about brilliance) and fully assembled office storage furniture options, which makes it one of the easiest systems to install and reconfigure. This also leads to a significant savings in labor hours and assembly costs.


Avenir® New, Clone, Remanufactured, Refurbished or Used: Which One is Right for You?






 Lead Time

 Brand New Avenir®




 4-6 Weeks





 3-5 Weeks




 Good As New

 2-4 Weeks




 Cleaned & Fixed

 1-3 Weeks




 Well Loved

 1-2 Weeks


Brand New, Name Brand Cubicles:

Some facility managers across the nation choose to pay top dollar for brand new, brand name Steelcase Office Furniture for the trusted name. Steelcase Inc has been making office furniture since 1912. Clearly, they must be doing something right. It’s the same rationale as people who choose to buy premium brands like Mercedes, Rolex, or Prada.

But in the 21st Century, many businesses and consumers are placing greater value on eco-friendly purchases; both friendly to their wallets (ECO-nomy) and to our shared environment (ECO-logy).

Brand new products demand time and energy to create. They require sourcing new raw materials out of the earth, moving those materials to and through the manufacturing process, and then managing the new waste materials created as a result.  It also involves waiting 6-8 weeks.


Clone Cubicles:

Many customers ask, what exactly is a clone cubicle? Aren't they inferior to the real thing? Clone cubicles can be compared to generic pharmaceutical drugs. You can purchase the brand name for $112 or the generic (clone) for $12.  Either way, the ingredients and the results are the same.

Some of the cost savings come from importing labor or materials from emerging markets.  But the most significant savings are realized just by being a low-key generic brand instead of a heavily marketed one.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Our cloned Avenir Steelcase products have UL-Listed electrical components. They are ANSI/BIFMA and Greenguard certified, and have safe NFPA ratings. They provide your employees a safe, functional, and attractive place to get their work done.


Remanufactured Cubicles:

Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too clearly did not know about remanufacturing. Essentially, you can purchase original name brand product, help save the environment, and save a bundle! How do they do it?

Remanufacturers purchase inventories of original Avenir Steelcase Office Systems that are past their useful life and have no resale value as preowned. They usually show too much wear and tear, in colors that are clearly from the past (why oh why was mauve ever a popular panel fabric color?).

These original Steelcase Office Partitions are stripped down to their core reusable components and stored for remanufacturing.  Once your order is received, the remanufacturer will apply your selections for new paint, new fabric, and occasionally new hardware.  They will realign, repaint, or replace storage components and make new work surfaces. Suddenly yesterday’s landfill is now your reincarnated Steelcase Office cubicles.

Good remanufacturers maintain warehouses with a large variety of stripped down components that are ready to be turned into your perfect layout, in your perfect set of colors and finishes, made to your exact specifications. SMART remanufacturers will also keep a portion of that warehouse stocked with a supply of the most popular components, ready-to-go in the most popular finishes, and can provide a 1-Week QuickShip option to customers in a hurry.


Refurbished Cubicles:

Also known as reconditioned, these kinds of Avenir stations are used, but spiffed up a bit. Very few components are replaced, unless functionally necessary. Fabrics may be professionally cleaned, if warranted.  Scuff and grime are typically removed from the components, but you may find a few blemishes, dings or scratches here and there.

Most of the visible portions of the workstations are inspected, cleaned and fully functional.  Think of refurbished as a used car that has been taken to be washed and detailed.  Refurbished is not new.

Much like remanufactured cubicles, refurbished ones allow you to own a name brand product for a lower price. But unlike remanufactured, there are limitations to consider. All the original colors, finishes, components, and to an extent configuration remain the same, just polished up.

This means you’ll have less freedom of choice in layout and accessories, since refurbished workstations typically come unmodified from their original configuration. With remanufactured product, however, you can mix and match from an entire warehouse of stripped-down components that are a blank slate waiting to be configured however you need them to be.



Champagne taste on a beer budget? Flexibility is the key to winning with a good used Steelcase Avenir inventory.

Choosing to buy used Steelcase office furniture will get you the name brand for the smallest price, but remember you will have to make some sacrifices. Used inventories only come as-is, with pre-existing finishes, shapes, and sizes.

Finding the right used cubicle inventory can be a lot like finding a needle in a haystack, so be prepared to be patient. Used inventories are always subject to prior sale (first come first serve) so if you DO get lucky and find one that works for you, act fast!


Still curious to learn more about your choices? Download Our White Paper on the subject and become an expert on the topic!


Cubicles, Inc. is not affiliated, associated, endorsed by, or in any way connected with Steelcase, Inc. and is not an authorized dealer or representative of Steelcase, Inc. Steelcase, Inc. has not evaluated and does not confirm the compatibility of any cubicles.com product with any of Steelcase, Inc.


* "Starting at" prices shown are for estimating only. Actual cost will vary by configuration, components and quantity. Minimum Order: 6 units. Discounts available for >25. Delivery/Installation will be an additional charge.

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