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The experts say that a portfolio is a showcase demonstrating Skill, Competency & Expertise. We work hard to manage and maintain our portfolio to showcase projects we’ve completed over the decades. Its purpose is 3-fold.

   To Inspire you for your project

•   To give you confidence to choose wisely

• •  To give you an expectational baseline for vendor comparisons

We hope that the presentation of our past accomplishments leads you to conclude that cubicles.com would be a wise vendor choice to Design, Plan and Furnishing your office environment. If optimal efficiency, ergonomic comfort and compelling value is your objective, please consider giving us a try.



What Is A Portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection or set of materials, documents, or examples of an individual's or entity's work, achievements, skills, and experiences. It serves as a comprehensive representation of one's capabilities, typically in a specific field or context. Portfolios are commonly used in various professional and academic settings to showcase a person's or organization's body of work, accomplishments, and the range of skills or products they can offer.


Why Do We Offer Our Portfolio?

This portfolio offers 2D and 3D space plans and completed project photos.  These archival documents represent a broad collection of many, far from all, of the projects we have had the privilege to design, plan and build.

Since our founding in 1998 it has been our ongoing mission to provide quality office furniture (260/5.23/100/49) from a wide array of available styles and designs driven by budgetary realities, individual personalities, and with the aim to create distinctive optimized workplaces.

We address your office furnishing requirements by offering complimentary interior space planning and design, executed by certified architects specializing exclusively in office spaces.  

To ensure the best outcomes for your project, we offer dedicated delivery by professional installation teams all backed by comprehensive logistical support. We remain steadfast in our commitment to maintaining operational efficiency that is both effective and budget friendly.

It is with thanks to the customers who have entrusted us to provide our professional office design and layout planning services that we owe this project portfolio.  It is the best Office Furniture Catalog we can offer.

It is through this body of work that we show our wide product range and the full breadth of our professional expertise.  We hope you conclude us to be worthy of your consideration. Please keep in mind that images shown are field, not studio photos.  Most have been snapped by furniture installers, not disciples of Ansel Adams.


As an office furniture buyer, you should consider an office furniture sellers portfolio as their definitive full-scope catalog for numerous reasons, a few of which are these:

Quality and Style Assessment


A portfolio showcases the range of products the seller offers. It offers buyers the opportunity to assess the office furniture quality, style, and design of the products offered and can help them determine if the seller's products align with their preferences and requirements.





Product Diversity



Abundance offers variety, and a comprehensive portfolio – like a well-stocked farmers’ market – can provide insight into the breadth and depth of products offered.  Buyers can then gauge whether the seller can provide the office furniture solutions necessary to meet their specific needs.



Customization Options


Some office furniture sellers offer customer office  furniture options. By reviewing a sellers’ portfolio, a buyer can decide if the seller has the depth of experience and capabilities to undertake their project with its unique workspace requirements.





Previous Projects


If the seller has completed office furniture projects for other clients, their portfolio should include these projects and include office furniture examples. The greater the number of projects and the broader their range, the better.  Less is not more when assessing a potential vendor’s ability to perform.






Durability and Functionality




Portfolios can include product specifications, materials used, and details about the office design and furniture services provided. Buyers can use this information to assess the durability and functionality of the furniture offered, ensuring it meets their long-term needs.




Budget Considerations




By reviewing a potential seller’s portfolio, buyers can identify the range of the product offered and more easily identify potential product choices and price-range estimates. This information is valuable for budget planning and cost comparison.




Vendor Credibility






A well-organized portfolio reflects a seller's professionalism and experience. It can provide insights into an office furniture outfitters credibility and reputation, which is essential for building trust and making informed decisions.






Ideas and Inspiration



Portfolios should include photographs of completed furnished office space projects. Completed project photos can inspire buyers and offer ideas they can use for their specific office design and layout. This can be especially helpful for first-time buyers inexperienced with how to build out office space.




Case Studies and Testimonials



Portfolios include case studies and client testimonials that demonstrate the seller's track record and customer satisfaction. Buyers can gain confidence in their vendor decision by evaluating these office furniture reviews and endorsements. You can see ours here.




Negotiation and Decision-Making


Armed with the knowledge and insight gained from a potential vendors portfolio - and track record it represents - a buyer can engage in strategic negotiations and make better-informed decisions about the selection and purchase of available office furniture collections.

By examining the seller's portfolio you can simplify your decision-making process, conserve time, and pave the way for success when you purchase office furniture.

In summary, you as an office furniture buyer, should consider the portfolio of any office furniture dealer to help make an informed decision about product quality, suitability, customization options, and, most importantly vendor credibility.



Office Furniture and Equipment

Office furnishings include a variety of items crafted to facilitate work, provide comfort, and elevate the workspace’s functionality. The choice of specific office furnishings is influenced by the organization’s requirements, the type of tasks performed, and the preferences of the staff.

The categorical links below breakdown this variety and show them in a particular projects’ portfolio entry. Just follow the link provided to find where such product was offered, order and installed.




  Office Desks

  Executive Office Desks

  L Shaped Desk Layout Ideas

  U Shaped Cubicles

  Corner Cubicle Desk

  Sit and Stand Office Desks



  Office Task Seating

  Ergonomic Chair Options

  Office Conference Chairs

  Office Guest Seating

  Office Lounge Chairs (third image)



  Conference Room Table Ideas

  Office Meeting Tables

  Office Training Tables (fourth image)

  Office Coffee Tables (second image)



  Filing Cabinet Options (sixth image)

  Office Bookshelf Ideas (fourth image)

  Storage Locker Ideas

  Office Shelving Units



  Office Cubicle Systems

  Office Workstation Layouts

  Office Panel Systems

  Office Cubicle Sliding Door



  Reception Desk Ideas

  Reception Seating Ideas (second image)

  Lobby Furniture Ideas

  Waiting Room Office Furniture



  Office Cafeteria Tables

  Office Breakroom Chairs (sixth image)

  Office Kitchen Island (third image)



  Cubicle Accessory Rail

  Office Tack Board Panels

  Cubicle Task Light

  Office Monitor Stand (third image)

This portfolio was last updated on a special day that only comes about once every 4 years. February 29, 2024. If you accessed its earlier version and wish to continue using it, it will remain accessible here for a time.

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