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Frequently Asked Questions



About Shipping, Installation and Delivery

Q: Can I handle the installation myself?

A: YES!!


Are you sure you really want to do that? Numerous things must be considered:
1. The size and scope of your project
2. The type of furniture product involved
3. Your infrastructure and facilities
4. Your human physiological capability
If your project is small (1-9 positions) and consists of an uncomplicated furniture product with minimal parts and pieces, it is likely you can DIY! If your project is in the medium size range (10-25 positions) you will need equipment and a team with know-how. If your project is over 25 positions a DIY approach can prove disastrous unless you have project managers, logistical coordinators, and professional installers along with needed facilities and equipment.
Facilities and equipment can include: a warehouse - with or without a loading dock - and the ability to receive and unload a tractor trailer (18 wheeler). Additional equipment includes forklifts, flat trucks, dollies, hand trucks, Masonite or other wall/floor protectors, and blankets.
Even if your project is small, the type of furniture you order may still ship on a large truck on pallets, which means you will still need all the same facilities and equipment as a larger project. And keep in mind that the drivers of these delivery trucks are "Hands Free", which means YOU will be responsible for getting all of your pallets off the truck and inside your building.
Did we mention having some common spare parts available is very helpful?
Did we mention a Certificate of Insurance is typically required in office buildings?
Consult our DIY Checklist for a complete rundown of what you can expect.
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Q: From where does it ship?

A: Typically a regional distribution center in your "neck of the woods".


It depends upon the size and scope of your project, the type of office furniture product ordered, and your office's location. We generally ship from the location closest to you, in order to cut down on shipping transit times and decrease the risk of damages that can occur during transit.
Your desk and conference room furnishings may come from a warehouse in New Jersey, North Carolina, Iowa, Arizona, or even Ontario Canada while your cubicles (depending on the brand) can ship from a factory in Virginia, Massachusetts or San Francisco.
Your office chairs typically ship from the regional distribution center closest to your location.
Distribution centers are strategically located in the North, South, East, West and Central zones.
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Q: Do you ship to Canada?



Not only do we ship to Canada, but sometimes - depending upon specific location and office furniture products selected - we ship from within Canada.
Products produced and/or shipped from within the US to Canada will incur customs and brokerage fees; we will gladly work with your preferred customs broker, or can handle everything through a different broker if you do not have one. Road or rail freight charges will be quoted additionally.
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Q: How long does it take to ship?

A: It varies, but most office furniture ships 3-4 weeks After Receipt of Order (ARO).


Our Quick Ship enabled merchandise can ship in as little 24 hours ARO. These items will have the least amount of customization to them, which allows them to ship quickly.
We offer many popular office furniture products in the most common sizes that are already stocked in a warehouse and can ship quickly. Office desks, conference furniture, reception stations, office chairs and many other in-stock items can typically ship within 24-48 hours ARO.
A large percentage of our case goods and cubicles with a customized element to them (Nonstandard sizes, a combination of finish selections, or other "made to order" details) will generally ship within 3-4 weeks ARO.
Do you have something very particular in mind? Our motto is that if you can dream up a piece of office furniture, we can provide it for you... it just may take a little more time. Custom manufactured office furniture solutions and/or cubicles with COM (customers own materials) can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks.
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Q: When will the furniture be installed and how long will it take? When the cubicles get delivered, when will they come back to install?

A: Our logistics coordinator will work with you to plan schedules in advance, in concert with your needs and expectations.


Our primary goal is to make the process as smooth and easy for your company as possible! As for the details, it depends on the size and scope of your project and the type of office furniture products ordered. 
There are 3 ways this typically happens.
This is generally the best and most common approach for small and midsize projects (less than 50 stations) or projects with office furniture from multiple factories. In this scenario, our installation team receives the shipments of all the furniture products directly to their warehouse in your area. They will hold all the items until everything has arrived, and our logistics coordinator works with you to determine your preferred delivery date, as well as handles any paperwork and other "red tape" items that your office building may require. On this prescheduled date, our team of installers will bring everything to you by box truck (not an 18 wheeler) and will begin installation on the same day.
The length of time required to complete the installation process is entirely dependent on the size of the project and the nature of the space plan. As a general rule of thumb, our team can complete an average installation at the rate of about 15-20 stations per day.
This is generally a logistical approach used in very large scale projects with enough product to completely fill a shipping truck and allow for a "dedicated delivery". In this scenario, your office furniture products arrive at the installation site by tractor trailer (18 Wheeler) to be off-loaded, usually after 5:00PM, depending on your building management's rules about deliveries. Our installation team will meet the delivery truck on site, take care of unloading the product and bring it inside your building. It is staged in the area of installation, ready for our install team to begin building that evening or the following day.
The length of time required to complete the installation process is entirely dependent on the size of the project and the nature of the space plan. However for a project connected to these types of deliveries, it is probably for 75 or more employees. You might plan for about a week long build process (consult our logistics coordinator for a more exact estimation based on your specific project).
Our online shops offer quality office furniture designed to be easily self-installed by even the "un-handy". If you can build an Ikea piece of furniture, you can build many of these items with your eyes closed! The product ships directly to your office in less than a week, usually via UPS or Fed EX Ground and is box packed for easy handling by an able bodied person.
Time Frames:
The expectations stated above are based on averages and usual practices. However! If you have a particular circumstance that might be considered outside the norm, don't be afraid! Say, for example, you have a large order and are very pressed for time, we will do everything in our power to expedite it for you, and call in additional members for the installation team to work overnight, if necessary, to get it done for you. Understand that getting it done faster generally comes with extra fees.
"Punch Items":
Sometimes during the installation process, especially when there are multiple parts and pieces, there is always a chance that something may not go according to plan. For example, maybe a cubicle panel gets torn between it leaving the factory and getting installed. Or a piece of hardware goes missing. Or a furniture item doesn't end up fitting exactly as planned. When this happens - Never Fear! We do this for a living, and now how to work with unexpected hassles or delays. If something needs adjusted or replaced, we will stay by your side through the process until you have everything you need.
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Q: Why does delivery & installation cost so much?

A: We agree, it does tend to cost more than we'd like! We all know that People, Fuel and Insurance cost a bloody fortune in the USA.


Labor rates in the USA are among the highest in the world. And who would know better than us. The charges that we incur - and those we pass on to you - represent what we are charged for Manpower, Trucking Power, Equipment Power and that's just the beginning.
Every person must be insured. Worker's Compensation (mandated by the government) is amongst the highest for humans involved in building and construction trades. Every vehicle must be insured. Every project must be insured. While it's always best to work under these safest of practices, it does cost money.
Fuel? Forgettaboutit! If it costs you $60-70 to fill up a car with regular (87 octane) gasoline, you can imagine how much it costs to fill up a local delivery truck with Diesel. Need we say more?
That said, we are proud to be in an industry where we can help provide jobs to hard working Americans in these times where a job like this, building your office furniture with skill and know-how, can assist fellow American families in getting by. What's more- we are incredibly particular in the people we choose to represent us. We only work with hand selected installation teams across America who take just as much pride in their work as we do in our design talents and furniture product. Could we find lesser installers with less pride in their work and be able to save a few bucks? Of course we could. Do we want to risk our relationship with our clients, or worry that an installation may not go as smoothly as it could? Most certainly not. This skill level and quality of work comes with a price, for the reasons stated above.
If you really need to cut your costs and are looking to avoid these charges, we recommend purchasing from our online shops. These office furniture products are designed with the DIY market in mind. When you Do It Yourself you avoid labor, equipment, fuel and insurance costs.
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About Products

Q: What are UN-Cubicles?

A: Also referred to as benching systems, these stations use panels less than 39" in height, or remove the concept of panels entirely.


Up until the advent of the cubicle, most offices used an open plan system with rows of desks filled with workers who collaborated on their daily tasks to create an efficient business model. With the introduction of the modular workstations, the era of the open plan workplace took a backseat as businesses began to value privacy and concentration over interaction. Untill now... 
The Un-Cubicle is best deployed in a corporate environment that thrives on intense workflow with a high degree of collaboration. So, is the Un-Cubicle the right match for your office? Download our white paper, Office Interior Design: Key Factors in Building the Ideal Office Environment to read more and find out!
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Q: Do you require minimum quantities in order to buy?

A: We sell office furniture at any quantity - HOWEVER, minimum quantities may apply, depending on the brand.


Cubicles are movable walls with integrated desk, filing, storage, and lighting components. These "walls" are most economically deployed when shared in increments of 6 or more units. Configurations of less than 6 units do not provide for this sharing, and as such are less economical when specified using traditional lines of cubicles (Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Knoll, etc).
Furthering this concept of "Economies of Scale", you must also factor the costs for delivery & installation. Whether you buy 2 cubicles or 10, it will generally require at least two men and one truck, with the same expenses (gas, tolls, insurance, labor rate, etc). So again, the more you buy at once, the more you tend to save in the long run. This is why our featured cubicle lines have a minimum quantity of 6.
That said, Fear Not! We also sell brands designed specifically for quantities of less than 6 units.
We invite you to explore our online shops. You'll find a variety of office furniture options at competitive prices for small office needs. And what's more, they are selected specifically for their ease-of-installation and their ability to often ship via UPS or FedEx, which means they can deliver directly to your office floor for self-installation, which will save you hundreds (if not thousands)!
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Q: How can I see what I want to purchase before I buy it?

A: 1. We can send you samples

    2. We can take you to one of our showrooms

    3. We can even bring our showroom to you!

    4. We can arrange to take you "on location"


Once you select the products that interest you, request a Free Sample Kit! We'll send you sample fabrics, paints, laminates, veneers or even a sample unit (built for you to sit in), depending on the nature of your project.
We can arrange showroom or factory visits throughout the country in major markets, and even in certain sub-markets. Major markets include Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami and New York City (to name just a few).
If you prefer, we can also arrange an "on location" visit to one of our many installations across America, where you can see the product in action, and speak directly with our client in regards to their satisfaction with our products and services. If this interests you, please inquire and we will research the closest installations near you.
We can even bring a mobile showroom to you.  If that won't do it, we'll pick you up and take you wherever is needed. Our dedication to the successful outcome of your project is our top priority.  Whatever it takes is what we'll do.
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Q: Will light colored fabric panels show more dirt than dark fabric panels? How do I clean fabric cubicle panels?

A: The fabric on panel systems generally holds up well to dirt. If it does become a problem, most fabrics are made from recycled polyster and can easily be vacuum or steam cleaned.


The fabric on panel systems - even light toned fabrics - generally holds up very well to dirt because panels are not walked or sat upon like the carpet, chairs, or other fabrics in your office that tend to need cleaned. Most areas of the panel surface are hardly ever touched, save pinning reminders to your "wall".
One problem area - for fabrics of all hues - is the area of the panels that are under the work surfaces, and this is only a problem when certain cubicle dwellers (you know who they are) rest their feet (with shoes on) on the panel.
Other problem areas can be aisle panels that are subject to heavy traffic by humans, wheeled carts, etc. If you do have marks or spots on the panels that you'd like to clean, the fastest, cheapest, and easiest solution is to purchase a Magic Eraser, it works wonders. If the dirt goes deeper than that, and your entire system is showing years of dust and age - call us! We're happy to assess the situation and give you an estimate for a full system steam cleaning.
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Q: My real wood veneer desk shows too many fingerprints - What product should I use to clean it?

A: A soft cloth with or without a mild cleaning agent or furniture polish.


If you want to be an infrequent customer at the car wash, buy silver instead of a black or white automobile. If the finger prints on your smart phone or tablet drive you nuts, don't purchase a product with a touch screen. If you prefer to minimize the amount of time keeping your desk surface looking clean and fingerprint free, consider purchasing laminate over veneer furniture.
Veneer furniture has thin layers of real wood as the top most layer of your office furniture, often with a high gloss for added shine and protection. While visually stunning, the natural materials are quite porous, and therefore are more susceptible to smudges and marks.
Do not use water directly when cleaning veneer furniture unless you have wet a cloth or sponge and have wrung it out thoroughly before proceeding. Water can lift the veneer and damage the wood underneath, resulting in a useless piece of furniture. Do not saturate wood veneer with liquid cleaning products, as they will essentially do the same thing as water.
Do treat your veneer furniture with furniture polish designed for real wood products. The oils in the polish will lift most dirt and residue from the wood veneer and clean it away. While the oil will soak into the veneer, it isn't rich enough to penetrate the wood underneath. It won't damage veneer furniture. Don't spray the polish directly onto the veneer furniture. Spray it onto a cleaning cloth instead.
Create your own homemade cleaning solution for cleaning your veneer furniture. Mix a cup of white vinegar with two cups of water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Don't spray directly onto the veneer furniture. Instead spray a fine mist of the solution onto a cleaning rag and wipe the furniture with it. Be sure to use a clean, dry rag afterwards to dry up all of the solution. The diluted vinegar will cut grease and anything that has left a sticky residue without damaging the veneer or the wood underneath.
Since laminates are inert (plastic), they are impervious to the oils and moisture secreted by our hands. Which means: No fingerprints! However, even laminate surfaces may need some occasional cleaning attention.
For the most part, a porous sponge and mild cleanser will adequately do the trick. Avoid using any abrasive sponge, steel wool or scraper on the laminate surface since this will permanently scratch the top.
Remove tough stains by creating a paste directly on the spot with two parts baking soda and one part water. Work the baking soda in circles on the stain using your fingers or a sponge. Allow the mixture to sit on the spot for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse and wipe clean with warm water. Baking soda is an all-natural disinfectant that is just slightly abrasive enough to remove stains but not damage the laminate surface.
Refer to the same directions as above for veneer surfaces.
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Q: How customizable are the cubicles?

A: Within the construct of what a cubicle is, it is VERY customizable. There are many options in terms of type, size, privacy levels, panel heights and widths, fabrics, finishes, accessories, etc.


You can customize any of the following attributes:
From a single 2' x 4' to a cluster of six 8' x 8's, the potential variations are numerous. We can *generally* create any cubicle size you require to fit your office space, within increments of 6". The most common sizes can be found by clicking here and scrolling down, where we feature our most popular configurations (although there are certainly far more selections not shown). Click on the thumbnail images for more information on any of the featured sizes.
Do you want a cubicle line with Monolithic panels or Frame And Tile panels? “Monolithic” means that each panel frame is built as one seamless structure, available in fabric, laminate, glass, or a combination of these materials. “Frame & Tile” means that each panel begins as an open metal frame, customized with your choice of segmented tiles that offer endless versatility, flexibility, and configurability. This decision should be based on your company's personal priorities: While the Frame & Tile panels offer a very modern look, and are much easier to change out for a new look from time to time (exchanging for new tiles), they also often come with a higher price.
You can specify overhead storage, such as open shelves and locking overhead bins, or under surface storage, such as pencil drawers, filing drawers and hidden shelving. You can opt for a mobile filing pedestal with a cushion for extra seating and a flash of color. You can also select full height wardrobe towers with extra storage to fit inside your cubicle. Do you have a lot of paper clutter? Hang a paper management storage rail on your cubicle panel, which can include a variety of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal paper trays.
You can dress up your cubicle with a number of additional accessories that suit your needs. These types of accessories include a tack board, task light (countless options on lighting), variety of keyboard trays, single or dual monitor support arms, CPU holders, and a number of "after market" options.
Most cubicles have channels or troughs through which to run data cabling (Cat 5/6). Integrated electrical power - at the base of panel or belt-line (at the work surface level) is commonly specified. With this option, you will need an electrician to hard wire the system into the building's power at specific locations. We can even add accessible power outlets, data ports, or other media connections right into your work surface for extra convenience.
You can also customize your fabrics, work surfaces and trim paint colors. Interactive color profile selectors are available in our Furniture Tools section, based on which cubicle brand you are purchasing.
You can even specify New, Pre-Owned or Remanufactured cubicle products. Download our White Paper to determine the best match for you: Something Old, Something New, Something Green.
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Q: What panel heights do you have available?

A: Panel heights begin at 32" and can go as high as 85". In some cases, heights up to 130" are also achievable.


Our cubicle panel heights depends entirely on the cubicles system specified - for specific dimensions, please request a brochure from us for the system that interests you. However the rule of thumb is, any system will generally go from "very low" to "very high" to give you a full range of options.
Monolithic panels (single panel structures) typically go as high as 85" (7 feet). Stack on tiles can sometimes be added to these monolithic panels to achieve floor to ceiling heights. Alternatively, certain cubicle systems also offer modular wall systems that are taller than the average cubicle panel. These are primarily used for creating full rooms or offices with doors, which prevents the need for a more permanent sheetrock solution.
Tiled panels (consisting of stackable tiles) can be specified in 8" increments for a floor to ceiling height of up to 130" or nearly 11 feet.
The most popular, most often specified panel heights are 36-39", 42-44", 47-50", 53-56" and 65-68".
How you specify panel heights is a function of the desired level of collaboration or privacy - the interactivity level - between those sharing cubicle walls.
To help visualize panel heights relative to an average standing or seated individual see the diagram below.

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Q: What is the standard size cubicle? Can I get any size I want?

A: Standard (most common) sizes are 5’ x 5’s and 6’ x 6’s, but you can specify almost any size you want.


There really is not a standard size.  The most common sizes are 5’x5’ and 6’x6’.
Optimal cubicle size is really dependent on the job description or the type of work to be performed by the employee sitting in the cubicle. 
Call Center Cubicles - 2’ x 4’
Customer Service & Sales Cubicles – 5’ x 5’
Clerical & Accounting Work Cubicles – 5’ x 6’
Administration Cubicle Furniture – 6’ x 6’
Managerial Cubicles Office Furniture – 6’ x 8’
Architectural/Engineering Modular Cubicles – 8’ x 8’
Managers Meeting Cubicles (with Locking Door) – 8’ x 12’
While these may be the most common sizes, the very nature of a cubicle allows you to build it into whatever size fits your needs - and your particular office space - within increments of 6 inches.
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Q: How do I run my data cables through the cubicles, and do you provide the wiring? How does it work?

A: Most, if not all cubicle systems, come equipped with channels through which you can run your data cables. Your IT department or IT vendor will typically install this cabling in concert with our installation of the cubicles.


Certain systems are designed for cabling at the base of the panel – just above the floor. Others are designed for cabling to be run just above the work-surface or at the “belt-line” (waistline height).
There are also add-on cabling systems, if running cables through the cubicle panels is not optimal or desirable. Primarily for engineering or tech firms who need very quick access to their cabling more often than most, or for companies who prefer to keep their data cables separate from the electrical wiring, we offer a Panduit product. This solution allows all data cables to conveniently run along the tops of the panels, while remaining clean and well hidden from view. Please inquire for more details.
Typically data cabling – snaking your CAT 5/6 LAN cables through the panels - is performed by your IT department or IT vendor.  We are happy to provide you with service options if you have neither of these at your disposal.
Ideally, the IT representative will pull or "drop" the data cables where the cubicle clusters are plotted before installation begins.  If this is not possible or practical, they can pull the cables after your cubicles are erected but this option will cost more in time and ease.
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Q: How do electrical components work with cubicles?

A: Most cubicle systems have an option for integrated power, which provides outlets (receptacles) located on the cubicle panel where you can plug in your equipment. You can also specify all non-powered panels if your environment and configuration offers alternative options to bring electricity to your cubes.


In most cases you will need to specify the powered panel option, or you will have no convenient electricity source in your cubes for task lights, chargers, fans, computers, speakers, etc.
If the cubicles are in a straight line configuration against a wall with power outlets, you can choose to plug power strips into the wall and pull them into each cubicle. You'll save money on the cubicles themselves, and we can build the panels right over the cords so they are conveniently right inside each station.
Powered panels cost approximately 40% more than non-powered panels. This does not imply that the entire cubicle itself will cost 40% more, however. Our designers utilize a combination of powered & non-powered panels that maximize efficiency and minimize cost, making the overall price difference only about 10% more for a powered setup. So which option is right for you?
Most office cubicle systems offer 4 circuit 8 wire systems with 1 dedicated circuit. This integrated power option offers electrical "plug and play" power for the most demanding users.
Some may assume that a group of cubicles can just plug directly into a wall outlet to bring power to each station; this is not the case! We provide the electrical components required for your electrician to hardwire the stations directly into the building's power. Each cubicle cluster (up to 8 stations on average) connects to your building power through a power infeed
Each power infeed brings electricity to specific panels in your cluster using a series of daisy-chained power harnesses and jumpers.  These harnesses run through the panel containing the duplex receptacles and connect to each other via jumpers that route between the panels.
The number of receptacles specified for each individual cubicle will depend upon need.  Typically 2 duplex receptacles (offering 4 outlets) are standard for 5'x5' or larger L-Shaped stations, while 1 duplex receptacle (offering 2 outlets) is standard for 2'x5' or smaller straight stations.  If you add a power strip to one of these outlets, you increase capacity (along with under desk wire jungle affect) considerably- but please consult your electrician first! Plugging in too many power strips, specifically for items that require a great deal of juice (such as space heaters) can overburden a circuit and blow a fuse, depending on how your electrician has handled the hookup.
Depending upon the electrical access in your office space you can choose to electrify the power infeeds from the ceiling, floor, wall or column. 
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Q: What is your return policy?

A: Almost all products are custom-made-to-order and therefore cannot be canceled once ordered.  Generally even in-stock items cannot be returned.


Extenuating circumstances may result in an approved return authorization (for in-stock items) with a restocking fee; if the item has already shipped, there are also return shipping fees.  But this is uncommon and in no way should be relied upon.
It’s best to hold this truth as self-evident: once product orders are placed, they cannot be canceled.  Doing so will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.
To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, please take advantage of the many opportunities we offer to ensure that what you see is what you get.
Fabric swatches (yardage if needed), laminate, veneer and paint finish samples are always available. We are more than happy to arrange site visits to showrooms or nearby installations. Actual sample units – delivered and setup in your space - if desired and practical - are also options. 
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About Costs

Q: How can I find pricing?

A: You can find estimated prices by exploring our website and clicking on the items that interest you.


If you’re looking to put together an estimated budget for an upcoming project, we highly recommend you take advantage of our Free Budget Calculator.
If you’re looking for Seating, Office Desks, Conference Room Furniture, or Reception Tables, go to their dedicated page and scroll down. Click on any thumbnail image that strikes your interest, and you’ll see additional information on the product, including the current price.
If you’re looking for AIS Matrix Tiled Cubicles or O2 Corporate Cubicles, go to their dedicated page and scroll down. You will see “Starting At” prices for each foot print size at the beginning of each row.
For more specific pricing, click the thumbnail image of any size or configuration that interests you, and you’ll see additional information on the cubicle system, plus a downloadable “Profile & Pricing Info” PDF that will show you estimated price ranges.
If you’re looking for Pre-Owned Office Partitions or Filing Cabinets, please call us or email us for pricing.
Keep in mind, cubicles – if done correctly – are *incredibly* customizable, so if you buy them somewhere online for a preset price, it’s highly likely that you’re paying buried costs for extra parts and pieces that you don’t even need, which can add up!
For an exact quote, contact us! We’ll set you up with a space plan designed to fit your needs, and the exact price to match.
We also have estimated Installation Rates for average furniture deliveries viewable through our Services Pages.
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Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: Yes! We offer many types of discounts!



Depending on the nature of your project, you may qualify for one of the following discounts:
A lot of office furniture manufacturers sell their products on “sliding scale” pricing. Meaning- the more you buy, the lower the price. In other words, there is real bargaining power in volume. Prices found on our website are averages, based on small to midsize projects involving furnishings that accommodate less than 25 employees.
If you are embarking on a project larger than this, contact us for quantity discount rates.
Many of the manufacturers we work with have a Free Shipping policy once you reach a particular sale minimum. Inquire for details.
Chances are if you work for a branch of the military or another government agency, your office project qualifies for GSA Contract pricing. The General Services Administration (GSA) is an agency of the US government which, among many other functions, develops government-wide cost-minimizing policies that extend into the office furniture world.
Many of our cubicle and office furniture manufacturers hold a GSA contract number, which extends a pre-negotiated discounted rate on products and services to the government and its agencies.
We already work hard to extend to you our very best pricing right from the beginning. Our company goal is to win long term customers who keep coming back to us. We want our customers to know they can rely on us for top level service and products at an affordable price. We are not out to “take you for all you’re worth” on one office project and then never hear from you again. These core company values motivate us to already work on very small profit margins.
Our goal is to always be the best at what we do.
If you can provide us with a competitor’s quote for similar product, we will do everything in our power to beat it.
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Q: What do you charge for design fees?

A: We offer FREE space planning and design services. is happy to provide FREE space planning & design services for projects of eligible size or quantity. Speak to your project manager for more details. + More



Q: How can you save me money?

A: On top of offering FREE space planning and design services (ask your architect how much they would charge for the same service) our products are always competitively priced with the best discounts already built in for your benefit.


What are other ways you can save money with Read on...
Ever heard the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen?”
Moving into a new commercial office space involves numerous factors and a very long To-Do list.
The more you can minimize your list of vendors, the more money you will save in the long run, AND the smoother your experience will be.
Instead of hiring a furniture provider, an interior designer, a project manager, an installation team, a moving company, a temporary storage facility, and a leasing company... just hire us and we’ll take care of everything for you.
A great cost benefit comes with consolidating all of these functions with one provider.
With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we know our way around an extensive network of the very best office furniture manufacturers, and how to get you the best prices on cubicles, office chairs, office desks, and everything else office related. We also know our way around the less expensive alternatives to the popular brand name designs, or products connected to esteemed furniture designers – if you like the style but not the price, we can likely find you something that will do the trick.
Did you receive a formal quote from us, but it’s just outside your budgetary comfort zone? Talk to us.
We can run a project evaluation technique which seeks to reduce costs and/or increase value by analyzing the functional requirements of a project's materials, methods, and components.
Many times we can eliminate certain elements that only serve an aesthetic purpose with no added function (for example, wing panels on cubicles). We can also substitute alternative materials for the default options that may have a softer impact on your wallet. As an example – if we substitute plastic end caps for the default metal end caps on a set of (20) high paneled cubicles, you could end up saving around $400!!
Visit the answers to our previous FAQ, “Do you offer discounts?” to review the list of our most common discounts.
There are ALWAYS options to meet your budget, just ask us!
We take pride in providing the best quality products & services at the lowest price.
If you can provide us with a copy of a competitor’s quote for similar product, we will do our best to beat it.
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Q: What credit cards do you accept?

A: Master Card, American Express, Visa.


We also accept company checks, money orders, direct bank wires, all powerful CA$H, and we even offer Financing!+ More



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