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First of all - THANK YOU for your business, and welcome to the cubicles.com family! We look forward to adding you to our long list of Happy Customers. Before confirming any purchase, please make sure you have reviewed and understood our Terms of Service and Return Policies. A commitment to purchase is agreement to these terms.



Any payment terms other than 100% pre-payment require a credit application and are subject to adjustment based on credit approval, as noted in the policies below.

  • Orders under $15,000

  • Orders for preowned furniture

  • Orders that ship within 2 weeks or less

  • Orders that ship overseas / direct to a freight forwarder

  • Orders that ship for Self-Assembly

  • Cubicle Modular Office Walls [MOW: 85"H+]

  • Orders over $15,000 that ship in more than 2 weeks

  • If our assembly services are included, the 25% balance will be due upon job completion

  • Orders for Aluminum Frame Glass Office Walls, 25% balance upon glass delivery appointment setting

  • If we're shipping direct for self-assembly, the 25% balance will be due once the product ships

  • 50% DEPOSIT REQUIRED unless otherwise noted

  • Orders will be invoiced on the date of order, not on the date of completion, unless otherwise noted

  • Subject to the terms stated on the specific manufacturer's contract


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  • cubicles.com | 34S. Ridge Road | Pomona, NY 10970

  • Conserve cash and preserve bank credit lines with Lease-to-Own financing!

  • Enjoy competitive rates, flexible terms, and potential tax benefits.

  • Finance any project greater than $5,000 for up to 60 months! Learn more.

  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. 

  • A 3% processing fee will be added to your invoice.



Throughout our policies, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to cubicles.com. “You” and “your” refer to the client/buyer. “Project documents” include quote packages, estimates, invoices, space plans, furniture specs, and any other paper or digital document containing information about an order.

We sell custom made furniture with complex, costly handling & logistics. We require advance and progressive payment terms to demonstrate buyer commitment and awareness.  Please do not order if we have not addressed - and FULLY satisfied - all concerns.  No order is better than an unwanted or incorrect one.

ACH/WIRE/CHECKS: Please reference your quote/invoice# when sending payment. Bounced or returned checks will cause a hold on order processing and incur a minimum $35 bank service fee. 

CREDIT/DEBIT/PAYPAL: We’ll provide you with a secure payment link to enter your payment details online. You authorize us to charge the payment(s) due as noted in this contract along with any additions or change orders. You have read this agreement and accept full knowledge, responsibility, and commitment to pay all charges to the merchant account(s) made by us on your behalf. You understand that merchant charged processing fees are not reversible once your card has been charged even when said charge has been canceled or credited. Payment(s) to your credit issuer will be made by you in accordance with agreements and policies of the issuer. You agree not to dispute any charges if you’ve received the products/services contracted and provided by us.

PURCHASE ORDERS: Custom made products require a good faith commitment deposit. Exceptions are rarely made.  When they are, a PO in lieu of cash deposit requires a completed credit application, trade & bank references, and approval from our CFO.

FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS: Unless you’re paying 100% upfront to place an order, first time customers must apply for credit with us and provide trade & bank references.

REPEAT CUSTOMERS: If we have your credit application on file and you’ve demonstrated a reliable payment pattern, you’ll be granted payment terms. Poor payment performance will necessitate advance payments in full for new or continuing orders.

CREDIT APPLICATION: Apply online. The applicant, as well as all officers, principals or signatories listed on the application, authorize us to access any publicly available corporate and/or individual credit records (soft inquiries only) and FICO scores. We’ll also contact your trade references and make any other credit related inquiries in connection with the extension or continuation of credit. Please allow 7 business days for credit determination.

AUTHORIZED AGENTS: All project documents must be approved and signed by the credit applicant or a principal listed on the original credit application.  Once signed, project documents are binding, contractual obligations that all parties agree to uphold. Adding or changing the name(s) of authorized agents, principles or signatories must be done in advance by written request.

INVOICES: If we extend credit in the form of progressive payment terms, you unconditionally guarantee prompt payment of all invoices when due. Authorized agents listed on the application offer their personal assurance that they will take responsibility for any unpaid balances.  Invoices are due as measured from the invoice date. You agree to pay a 1.5% monthly finance charge (accrued daily, billed monthly) on any past due balance, and understand that new orders will be held until arrears are paid in full. When necessary, we may invoice parts of a project’s orders separately. You agree to treat and pay each invoice individually.

TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP: You acknowledge and affirm that all products remain our property and that we hold a valid and continuing first-priority security interest-lien in these products until payment is received in full. If payment is not received in full, we will execute our security interest by exercising a UCC-1.  We will report the original credit applicant, it’s signatories, and/or all principals as personally liable for the amounts due to credit bureaus and others who may lawfully receive such information.

REPOSSESSION: If unpaid balances go 30 days past agreed upon terms, you waive all objections to, and grant us unfettered locational access for, repossession of said products. You agree to bear all labor and transit costs associated with the process.  Notwithstanding our right to repossession, and at our discretion, we’ll refer outstanding account balances to debt collection lawyers. After legal proceedings commence all collections and associated costs, expenses, and legal fees will be paid by the buyer.

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