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We know commercial office furniture, office space plans, and office budgets. We're here to help.

AronSales Wizard (Owner)

He's always on the move, drumming up new business. He's well loved in the furniture sales world. Coincidentally, he's also a great drummer and takes drumroll requests! Free Bird, anyone?

Favorite Cubicles: O2 Systems >>

Mitchell Head of Everything (Owner)

Anyone who has met or spoken with the man would agree, he is highly passionate about the office furniture industry, and life in general. He also owns many fashionable belt buckles.

Favorite Product: Furniture Sets >>

Corynne DIR. Operations|Marketing|Communications

She's been here for years and has played a role in every department, nurturing our company growth. She's also a musician, mom, and avid Excel junkie (spreadsheets are our friend).

Favorite chair: Apollo >>

MariaDIR. Sales & Client Development

The mama goose of the sales & design dept. She's been in the furniture & design industry a L..O..N..G. time. And she loves to talk, talk, talk about office furniture. If you need it, she'll find it!

Favorite Layout: Open Concept >>

RalucaSenior Account Manager

Her positive energy is contagious. Just be careful, part of that comes from her being slightly nuts! Likely the result of all the late nights she spends at the office to finish just one more design.

Check out her work >>

AlexAccounting Manager

She's smart, capable, reliable, and well-loved by teammates, clients, and vendors. She's also surprisingly calm for as many checks and invoices that divebomb her desk every hour.

Check out our payment terms >>

ConstantineSales & Marketing Double Agent

Whatever it is you want, you'll get it faster than expected. He may have magic in his pocket that allows him to be in the preowned, online customer care, and marketing depts. all at once.

Favorite furniture: Preowned! >>

StiliyanMarketing Manager

Our noble Viking of office product R&D. One day there's a cool new idea. A few weeks later he lays the finished product at your feet, nods stoically, and departs without haste.

Favorite Shop: O2 NOW™ >>

VanyaSpace Planning Specialist

She's carefully designed & produced millions of sq. feet worth of corporate space plans over the years. Enough cubicle configurations to wrap the globe a few times over!

Favorite Desk: Sit Stand Desks >>

AndrejDesigner of Projects & Graphics

He'll brand a brochure on Mon., design a reception desk on Tues., fix a used cube layout on Wed., finish a 6-pack of desks for an online buyer on Thurs., and is still smiling on Fri.!

Favorite shop: Massage Chairs >>

TamaraSR Designer & Project Manager

So dynamic, she'll give you whiplash. From stellar business designs & project management to skilled logistics & follow through, the woman does it all… and not a single dropped ball.

Check out her favorite project >>

CristinaSR Designer & Project Manager

When she's not scaling office design challenges and producing smart space plans with beautiful office furniture, she's climbing mountains and running marathons with boundless energy!

Check out her favorite project >>

IrenaOnline Sales Manager

Peaceful & patient, she heads our e-commerce dept. ensuring orders arrives quickly and safely. And if it doesn't, she'll take on whoever & whatever necessary to fix it.

Check out all our online shops! >>

StevanaSR Designer & Project Manager

Smooth, smart, and successful space plan solutions… that's our Sweet Stevana! Give her a CAD file and she’ll give you the path to a fully furnished and functional office space.

Check out her favorite project >>

NedJR Project Manager

Not only does Ned produce great layouts for office interiors, he's also keen and precise with gorgeous 3D renderings that paint you a picture of just how great your office could look.

Check out his favorite project >>

PetarJR Designer & Project Manager

Warning: Do not enter a battle of details & precision with Petar. You will probably lose. But he'll cheerfully make you feel great about it. He's a creative & delightful perfectionist!

Check out his favorite project >>

Dee JR Designer & Project Manager

While she's quite open and friendly, she's great at putting up walls! Dee is our architectural walls specialist. Glass office walls & doors, modular walls & panels – she has you covered.

Check out her favorite project >>

JohanLogistics Manager

Bond. Johan Bond. He's been shot at, shot down, hijacked, and struck by lightning. Office furniture installations don't scare him one bit. Rest assured, your project is in capable hands.

Check out our customer satisfaction >>

DejanWeb Developer

Everyone knows our incognito web magician, but nobody sees him. He swoops in to deliver databases, battle bugs, and prevail over php errors. Occasionally, he sleeps.

Favorite page: The Sitemap >>

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