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Meet our amazing team

Who Are We?

AronSales Wizard (Owner)

He's always on the move, drumming up new business. He's well loved in the furniture sales world. Coincidentally, he's also a great drummer and takes drumroll requests! Free Bird, anyone?

Favorite Cubicles? O2 Systems >>

Mitchell Head of Everything (Owner)

Anyone who has met or spoken with the man would agree, he is highly passionate about the office furniture industry, and life in general. He also owns many fashionable belt buckles.

Favorite Product? Furniture Sets >>

Corynne DIR. Operations|Marketing|Communications

She's been here for years and has played a role in every department, nurturing our company growth. She’s also a musician, mom, and avid Excel junkie (spreadsheets are our friend).

Favorite chair? Apollo >>

MariaDirector of Design & Project Mgmt

The mama goose of the sales & design dept. She’s been in the furniture & design industry a L..O..N..G. time. And she loves to talk, talk, talk about office furniture. If you need it, she’ll find it!

Favorite Reception Desk? Check-In >>

RalucaSenior Project Manager

Like a HAPPY virus, her positive energy is contagious. Just be careful, part of that comes from her being slightly nuts! Which is likely the result of all the late nights she spends at the office to finish just one more design.

Favorite project? TelX NY >>

AlexAccounting Manager

Alex loves helping customers find the answer to their question. In fact she will not leave her computer until that answer is located. She's smart, capable, reliable, and well-loved by her teammates. She also processes your online orders, so be nice to her if you want it to arrive quickly!

Favorite In-Stock Item? EZ Office >>

ConstantineSales & Marketing Double Agent

Be careful what you request of him. You'll get it faster than you expected! He's a voracious learner, thinker, communicator, and do-er. Whatever it is that you're wondering, he'll find a methodical approach to the best answer. He manages our direct marketing campaigns.

Favorite furniture? Preowned! >>

StiliyanMarketing Manager

Our noble viking of product development. Somewhere in a corner office in a land far far away, someone mutters to themself about a cool new office product idea. A few weeks later he arrives, silently places the finished product on their desk, nods stoically, and departs without haste.

Favorite Shop? Desk on Wheels >>

TamaraLogistics Manager

She makes sure your orders arrive when and how they are supposed to. If something isn't right, she fixes it and make it better. Shipping, scheduling, facility coordination and compliance... She makes it all happen.

Favorite Desk? Sit Stand Desks >>

AglikaProject Manager

Our resident architect, she's fast and furious and if you're not careful you'll find yourself happily enjoying a fully furnished office before you ever even knew you needed one. A true leader, and a reliable designer.

Favorite shop? Massage Chairs >>

KatsProject Manager

If it were socially acceptable to wear a cape to the office, he would. Effortlessly shifting between space planning, sales, and R&D roles, he pulls off deadlines like nobody's business and you never see him break a sweat.

Favorite project? InfoUSA Seattle >>

DejanWeb Developer

Where on earth would we be without Dejan. He is our web magician. We utter in our prayers at night things we'd love to see happen on our website, and when we wake up in the morning, they've appeared! He also has a fantastic disappearing act related to PHP errors.

Favorite page? The Sitemap >>


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