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Meet our amazing team

Who Are We?

Aron Sales(CEO)

He's always on the move, drumming up new business. He's well loved in the furniture sales world. Coincidentally, he's also a great drummer and takes drumroll requests! Free Bird, anyone?

Favorite Cubicles? AO2 >>

Mitchell Operations(COO)

Anyone who has met or spoken with the man would agree, he is highly passionate about the office furniture industry, and life in general. He also owns many fashionable belt buckles.

Favorite Product? Furniture Sets >>

Corynne Marketing(Director)

She's been here for years and has played a role in every departmental  process. She’s also a musician, a new mom, and an avid Excel junkie (spreadsheets are our friend).

Favorite chair? Apollo >>

Maria Sales(Director)

The mama goose of the sales & design dept. She’s been in the furniture & design industry a L..O..N..G. time. And she loves to talk, talk, talk about office furniture. If you need it, she’ll find it!

Favorite Reception Desk? Spheric >>

Kats Marketing&Design(Double_Agent)

If it were socially acceptable to wear a cape to the office, he would. Effortlessly shifting between space planning, sales, and R&D roles, he pulls off deadlines like nobody's business and you never see him break a sweat.

Favorite project? InfoUSA Seattle >>

Raluca Design(Project_Manager)

Like a HAPPY virus, her positive energy is contagious. Just be careful, part of that energy comes from her being slightly nuts! Which is either the reason/result of all the late nights she spends at the office to finish just one more design.

Favorite project? TelX NY >>

Kareem Design(Project_Manager)

Astute and observant, he has a knack for knowing exactly the right layout and exactly the right furniture products to select for his clients. His life motto is simple: Always carry a knife in case of cake...

Favorite project? Ezras Choilim >>


He LOVES a good fedora. If someone not wearing a fedora introduces himself as Gil, stay away from him. He is not Gil.

Favorite chair? Ergohuman >>

Krystal Admin(Office_Manager)

She talks a lot, and laughs a lot, and sings along to the music a lot. And if you listen closely, you'll hear a strong-willed positivity that cannot be broken. She also is the proud mom owner of some pretty adorable twins.

Favorite item? Acoustic Tiles (Shh!) >>

Jeonghyeon Marketing(Graphic&Web)

AKA Sasha, she had a crucial role in creating the website that you are now enjoying. She can learn anything faster than you would expect, and do anything faster than you would expect. She has a very promising future ahead.

Favorite Comfy Chair? OPS-B3 >>

Aglika Design(Project_Manager)

Our resident architect, she's fast and furious and if you're not careful you'll find yourself happily enjoying a fully furnished office before you ever even knew you needed one. A true leader, and a reliable designer.

Favorite modern reception? Inbox >>

Paolina Marketing(Online_Sales)

Your online purchase? She watches it like a mother hawk the moment you click "buy now" to the moment it arrives at your door. But she doesn't stop there. She watches, waits and makes sure you're happy. If not, she swoops down to retrieve it so you never have to see it again.

Favorite chair? Wing side chair >>

Ekaterina Design(Planner&Specifier)

We like to call her KT. She has a background in both architecture & real estate, and kicks out truly great space plans for large and small offices all over the U.S. She knows her stuff. Do not question her on this, or she may kick you before she kicks out your space plan.

Favorite Desk? Sit Stand Desks >>

Maggi Design(Planner&Specifier)

This architect is working long before you open one eye and have your first thought of coffee. We rely on her to go out into the world and learn how to design and specify the new furniture systems that pop up, which she does flawlessly. A proactive problem solver & creative space planner, it's good to have her on your side.

Favorite sofa? The ML (In red) >>

Alex Sales(Customer_Service)

Alex loves helping customers find the answer to their question. In fact she will not leave her computer until that answer is located. She's smart, capable, reliable, and well-loved by her teammates. She also processes your online orders, so be nice to her if you want it to arrive quickly!

Favorite In-Stock System? Easy Office >>

Iliana Design(Planner&Specifier)

Our resident professor! She will teach you all there is to know about the history of architecture and then some, while designing your office layout at the same time. She has a keen eye for detail and is a talented linguist; she likely speaks far more languages than you do.

Favorite upgrade? Built-in tech >>


Be careful what you request of him. You'll get it faster than you expected! He's a voracious learner, thinker, communicator, and do-er. Whatever it is that you're wondering, he'll find a methodical approach to the best answer. He manages our direct marketing campaigns.

Favorite furniture? Desk Treadmill! >>

Dejan Marketing(Web_Developer)

Where on earth would we be without Dejan. He is our web magician. We utter in our prayers at night things we'd love to see happen on our website, and when we wake up in the morning, they've appeared! He also has a fantastic disappearing act related to PHP errors.

Favorite page? The Sitemap >>


Our noble viking of product development. Somewhere in a corner office in a land far far away, someone mutters to themself about a cool new office product idea. A few weeks later he arrives, silently places the finished product on their desk, nods stoically, and departs without haste.

Favorite Creation? Cafe Tables & Chairs >>


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