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We know commercial office furniture, office space plans, and office budgets. We're here to help.

AronSales Wizard (Owner)

He's always on the move, drumming up new business. He's well loved in the furniture sales world. Coincidentally, he's also a great drummer and takes drumroll requests! Free Bird, anyone?

Favorite Cubicles: O2 Systems >>

Mitchell Head of Everything (Owner)

Anyone who has met or spoken with the man would agree, he is highly passionate about the office furniture industry, and life in general. He also owns many fashionable belt buckles.

Favorite Product: Furniture Sets >>

MariaDIR. Sales & Client Development

The mama goose of the sales & design dept. She's been in the furniture & design industry a L..O..N..G. time. And she loves to talk, talk, talk about office furniture. If you need it, she'll find it!

Favorite Layout: Open Concept >>

RalucaSenior Account Manager

Her positive energy is contagious. Just be careful, part of that comes from her being slightly nuts! Likely the result of all the late nights she spends at the office to finish just one more design.

Check out her work >>

ConstantineSales & Marketing Double Agent

Whatever it is you want, you'll get it faster than expected. He may have magic in his pocket that allows him to be in the preowned, online customer care, and marketing depts. all at once.

Favorite Furniture: Preowned! >>

StiliyanMarketing Manager

Our noble Viking of office product R&D. One day there's a cool new idea. A few weeks later he lays the finished product at your feet, nods stoically, and departs without haste.

Favorite Shop: O2 NOW™ >>

AndrejDesigner of Projects & Graphics

He'll brand a brochure on Mon., design a reception desk on Tues., fix a used cube layout on Wed., finish a 6-pack of desks for an online buyer on Thurs., and is still smiling on Fri.!

Favorite Shop: Recliners >>

NedJR Project Manager

Not only does Ned produce great layouts for office interiors, he's also keen and precise with gorgeous 3D renderings that paint you a picture of just how great your office could look.

Check out his favorite project >>

PetarJR Designer & Project Manager

Warning: Do not enter a battle of details & precision with Petar. You will probably lose. But he'll cheerfully make you feel great about it. He's a creative & delightful perfectionist!

Check out his favorite project >>

DeeEfficiency Expert

Calm, Cool & Collected is her cadence. No matter the query, the challenge, the dept. she’s our ACE in the hole. While quite open & friendly, she's great at putting up walls! She's a walls spec.

Check out her favorite project >>

DejanWeb Developer

Everyone knows our incognito web magician, but nobody sees him. He swoops in to deliver databases, battle bugs, and prevail over php errors. Occasionally, he sleeps.

Favorite Page: The Sitemap >>

AliceFloor Plan Solver & Cat Lover

Has an incredibly systematic approach to life & her methodical superpowers enable her to solve floor plans like puzzles. She's crazy about cats & if not traveling, volunteers to rescue ORGs.

Favorite Shop: Home Office Ideas >>

ElizabethMarketing Maven & Merchandiser

As versatile as her name (Liz, Beth), she is all over details & Precision is her mid name. A content creator, a graphic communicator, an idea originator. Liz is all things extra and far from ordinary.

Favorite Shop: Sit & Stand Desk >>

BelénMaster of Planning & Order

Critical about chaos & craving calmness, her collectedness is seated in her passion for planning and organization. Ordering disorder and ticking boxes is what makes her tick!

Favorite Product: Solide Reception >>

GonzaloLogistics Maestro & Adventurer

This dirt bike rider & tattoo aficionado gets what it means to work hard & play hard(er). Our logistics specialist is focused on ensuring that the right products get to the right site, on time!

Check out his favorite project >>

EstebanTailor of Intelligent Spaces

This perfectionist flourishes most when his abilities are challenged on projects defined as out-of-the-box. Patient, precise, detail-oriented, & always eager to find a tailor-made solution.

Check out his favorite project >>

LucianaContemplative Creator

A teacher, writer & above all, a thinker. Always pensive, her composure illicit visions of Rodin's Thinker – though markedly > dynamic than a statue. She is eager to create engaging content.

Favorite Product: Kids Folding Set >>

María "MJ" JoséSoulful Design Enthusiast

Is all about creativity & design. She's forever honing her artistic aptitude through continuous learning & skills dev. Yoga & meditation is key to keeping her mind calm, clear & focused.

Check out her favorite project >>

SofíaAccounting Maven

Friendly & soft-spoken, she brings extensive experience in accounting to the table. Her 1st language is complex calculations, which makes her a natural at balancing the books.

Check out her favorite project >>

JenniferZealous Obstacle Conqueror

This problem solver spends her days tackling wagers big & small. No task is too complex, or simple. Her affinity for perfection leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of Missions (well) Accomplished!

Favorite Shop: Desk On Wheels >>

ManuelaCustomer First Logistic Whiz

No query is left unasked in her quest for customer satisfaction. She makes it her mission to address and solve all logistical issues efficiently, ensuring our products get delivered anywhere!

Favorite Shop: Lighting! >>

SylviaDigital Explorer

Multi-Lingual, Multi-Talented & Multi-Faceted she's our fearless product content creator. From single products to collections, she digs into the nitty so you find offerings telling whole stories.

Favorite Product: Computer Desk >>



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