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Office Furniture Installation




Fort Worth, TX


February 2015

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2D Floor Plan
3D Rendering


Av-Dec is a technical design and manufacturing company founded by engineers, highly focused on corrosion prevention in the aerospace industry. 

Their request was for new workstations with high levels of acoustic and visual privacy at their newly built facility in Fort Worth, Texas.  85”H wall panels with doors were used to isolate the engineering team that required the highest levels of privacy.  Other employee stations were designed to have 67”H panels which allowed the necessary privacy while providing ample sunlight from the high windows.  All panels were specified to be filled with sound absorbing foam.   Electrically powered height adjustable bases were added to the work surfaces, for an ergonomic work environment for employees who require long periods of deskwork.

Open bench style workstations in the same finishes were used in a separate area that required less privacy.  Customized wall-mounted panels were applied to accommodate over-head storage units.

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