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Office Furniture Installation


US Coast Guard


Petaluma, CA


July 2015

Design Library

2D Floor Plan
3D Rendering


The US Coast Guard Petaluma is a military base located along the coast line in Northern California, protecting America’s economic, national and border security. 

The USCG came to us looking for interior office design ideas and affordable office furniture in San Francisco for a small office space they had acquired. Their objective was to comfortably fit as many small office workstations as possible while maintaining a decent amount of space & privacy between operators.

O2™ small cubicles are a simple & practical business furniture system, ideal for call center design applications. We optimized the office floorplan with a total of sixteen 2’ x 4’ call center cubicles.

Three sets of 4-person workstation clusters share the south wall facing a sunny terrace. We added a curved table top to the center unit to hold shared office equipment. On the opposite wall, two sets of 2-person cubicle configurations fit nicely on each side of a building column.

53”H cubicle panels topped with 14”H glass cubicle windows create sufficient acoustic & visual privacy from a seated position, while allowing the magnificent natural lighting to filter through the open office space.

It comes as no surprise that for the office color scheme we chose oceanic blue cubicle walls to mimic the hues of the Pacific, and a warm maple desk top that reminds us of golden beaches – a perfect combination for the Coast Guard!

Colors for Office Stations

Office Color Palette: Fr701 Bauberry | MT | Hardrock Maple

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