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Office Furniture Installation


B&H Photo 13th FL


New York, NY


September 2015

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2D Floor Plan
3D Rendering


For over 40 years, B&H Photo and Video has provided electronic equipment to photographers and videographers, professionals, and enthusiasts alike. They’re the largest non-chain photo & video equipment store in the U.S.

We’ve been their chosen dealer of office furniture in NY for well over a decade and have provided them with anything and everything in the world of business furniture and specifically cubicle systems.

For the 13th floor of their midtown building, they required sales & call center cubicles for 175 agents. As with many other floors, we used O2™ corporate office furniture cubicles to create smaller-than-average 5’x4.5’ custom cubicles to maximize the office square footage, and optimize the office furniture layout around existing columns and internal walls.

The small L shaped desks include filing pedestals and cubicle storage shelves. 53” tall cubicle panels create a fair amount of privacy and act as an acoustic barrier between the vast rows and rows of workstation cubicles.

The client also required office bookshelving for additional document storage and each of the larger manager workstations received two 5 tier bookshelves.

All cubicle stations received electrical and data cabling from either a wall outlet, or office power poles. Additional cubicle cable management at desk height has become a standard for B&H projects. The Panduit raceway system routes cabling along the top of the cubicle system and provides desktop access in the corners of unused desk space.

The simple, neutral office color scheme of mostly grey cubicles sits nicely on top of a rather busy office carpet pattern.

Colors for Office Stations

Office Color Palette: O2 Cinder | MT | Antique White


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