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Office Furniture Installation


B&H Photo 13th FL


New York, NY


September 2015

Design Library

2D Floor Plan
3D Rendering


For over 40 years, B&H Photo has provided electronic equipment to photographers and videographers, professionals and enthusiasts alike. They are the largest non-chain photo and video equipment store in the United States.  B&H has over 6 floors in their Manhattan building (above their superstore), and we have furnished all of them.

The layout is maximized to accommodate 176 of their employees.  We worked on many revisions with their architect, and this process was like putting together a puzzle.  Most of the space is occupied with 5’ x 4’-6” cubicles they are standardized on.  The reception station is given a transaction top.  The east-side of the layout has 5’-6” x 5’-6” cubicles for the development group.  We did a unique configuration that incorporates 5-shelved bookshelves into each station to allow storage of files and equipment for this team. 

Standard panel height is 53”H.  Some panels are raised higher to divide departments, and panels are lowered to allow sunlight along the windows.  Panduit electrical and cabling systems to allow easier access above the work surface height.

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