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Office Furniture Installation


Morning Journal


Lorain, OH


April 2017

Design Library

2D Floor Plan
3D Rendering


The Morning Journal is a newspaper publisher in Lorain, OH providing in-depth coverage of Lorain County news. They publish articles, photos, videos, and breaking news for northern Ohio, the US, and beyond.

This office interiors project was driven by the need to find “as-affordable-as-possible” budget office furniture for office space that gets tons of natural daylight from 3 walls of large windows. Using this to her advantage, our office designer  created a business floor plan with private offices in the center and the the L shaped cubicles and U-shaped workstations lined up against the perimeter windowed walls.

This team is fast-paced and highly interactive, which necessitates collaborative workspace furniture to support their workflow. 47” short cubicle walls are just tall enough to define individual office work spaces without hindering interaction. The plan orients the workstations to be face-to-face, rather than all facing one way.

O2™ corporate office furniture with budget-program finish selections was the best cubicle brand for the job. We value engineered the modular office system by omitting the cubicle panels against the external walls and mounting the desktop surfaces to them with bracket hardware. This saves money on cubicle dividers, removes the need to buy integrated electrical components (grants direct access to wall outlets), and allows in more light by not blocking the windows!

In this desk layout we created entirely custom cubicle sizes of 7’x6’4” using non-standard work surfaces (76”) along the walls. This best fit the space and used every inch available for full wall-to-wall desk solutions.

Colors for Office Stations

Office Color Palette: O2 Pebble Creek | MT | Antique White

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