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Office Furniture Installation


The Flying Locksmiths


Braintree, MA


September 2017

Design Library

2D Floor Plan
3D Rendering


The Flying Locksmiths are more than just your average locksmiths, offering a variety of supplemental physical security services. In addition to being able to rekey any lock under the sun, they also provide installation services for cameras, access control systems and door hardware with laser-like focus and keen attention to detail.

This repeat client needed our help with an office renovation and reconfiguration in one existing space, plus new office furniture for an expanded open office area for 42 employees. They wanted low wall cubicles and specifically wanted the desk colors to match their company branding.

We created office space plans for two distinct areas with unique cubicle configuration. In one section, we placed rows of small, straight 4-person desk setups with a larger 2-sided desk for a supervisor positioned at the head of each one.

In the second area for a different department, we placed clusters of small, 2’x4’ 6-person workstations (with just two slightly larger 5-foot desks for managers. Both areas are similar to a call center cubicle layout.

Bronze, red, and black cubicle walls with windows create a striking combination of office colors that boldly match their corporate color palette and logo.

The client’s secondary goal was office noise reduction, which is a common concern in an open concept office space. We added sound absorption panels to offset and buffer the hard surfaces that contribute to unwanted sound reflection and reverberation.

HUSH acoustic tiles for walls with sound absorption foam is the perfect solution for any noisy office, allowing team members to concentrate and perform better without distractions. We got bonus points for matching the fabric to the same office color palette.

The employees were delighted with the noise reduction and the bright office colors stretching from the workstation cubicles to the functional office wall décor. The company executives were appreciative of the budget-friendly invoice after the office furniture installation was complete.

Colors for Office Stations

Office Color Palette: Anchorage Geranium | BU | White Frost

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