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Office Furniture Installation


Skybound Marketing


Riviera Beach, FL


February 2017

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2D Floor Plan
3D Rendering


Skybound Marketing is an innovative marketing company focused on delivering digital marketing and ecommerce solutions to small and mid-size businesses across a broad array of industries.

The client wanted new office furniture in Florida to furnish two adjoining offices. The requirements for this project were quite simple: fit a cluster of 6 cubicles with glass in the first office, and 8 more cubicle workstations with storage plus a larger manager’s cubicle in the second. We needed to strategically place low cubicle walls with windows to facilitate collaboration between coworkers.

We used O2™ Corporate Office Furniture to produce L-shaped workstations with a dynamic mix of office panel styles to achieve the desired workflow and office aesthetic. 39”H cubicle walls topped with 14”H glass stacking panels along the aisles grant visual access to the circulation space, which promotes interaction. Along the walls and between desk spaces, 14”H fabric cubicle stackers flaunt a sky blue accent color to creatively enhance privacy between stations and add visual interest with corporate colors.

Nearly all panel partitions in this cubicle layout are 53” high, making work collaboration as easy as standing up from your seat to address a coworker – and as easy as sitting down when you need to focus. The only exception is the manager’s workstation, where we added another tier of cubicle windows for additional separation without compromising visual accessibility. The 67”H fabric partitions against the wall are also enough vertical upgrade to accommodate storage shelves.

This office furniture installation is a great example of how smart corporate space planning can help define your office environment.

Colors for Office Stations

Office Color Palette: Streetwise Mailbox | Streetwise News Stand | WF | White Cypress

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