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Office Furniture Installation




Boise, ID


December 2018

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2D Floor Plan
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ConnectYourCare is one of the nation’s largest healthcare benefits and savings providers. They offer affordable, tax-advantaged solutions for employers and employees including consumer-directed healthcare accounts (CDH).

The client needed new office furniture in Boise, Idaho and hired us to develop a call center design layout for nearly 100 operators and managers. Open plan office space optimization with adherence to circulation requirements were critical considerations in the call center floorplan. They also wanted the space to reflect their corporate mission: putting customers and employees first.

We delivered a modern call center layout with a fresh perspective. The Optima Z-Bench is a zippy arrangement of workstation clusters that breaks up traditional straight & narrow pathways and gives each operator an expanded sense of individual space. This unique Z layout of low wall cubicles also offers better sight lines for the team supervisors who have large standing work desks at the end of each row.

We emulated the corporate color palette with willow green cubicles fabric, white laminate desktops, and white office filing cabinets on wheels for a sharp, eye-catching office atmosphere.

In keeping with the client’s objective of prioritizing employee needs, we specified Apollo office task chairs for all call center cubicles and matching drafting desk chairs for every manager workstation. These affordable ergonomic desk chairs include several knobs and levers for personal adjustment, encourage healthy posture, and provide enhanced comfort during long hours of sitting at work.

Our client really appreciated how we captured their brand values in the new office design. Bright color selections and an unconventional layout resulted in a functional workspace with an attractively bold office aesthetic.

Colors for Office Stations
Office Color Palette: Anchorage Willow | WF | White Frost

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