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Office Furniture Installation


View Glass


Milpitas, CA


January 2019

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2D Floor Plan


The walls really do have ears. View, Inc. manufactures a new generation of smart windows that let in natural light & views while reducing glare & heat. Their innovative digital glass technology improves building energy efficiency by 20 percent and improves mental & physical well-being by significantly reducing headaches, eyestrain, and drowsiness.

View partnered with our office interior design team to create a classy reception area in their office in Silicon Valley. Naturally, it made sense to involve glass. We chose to enclose the modern office reception seating area with frosted glass half walls.

The frosted effect helps make the space feel like an intimate, private office lounge area, while the decision to make them glass half wall partitions only 6 feet high keeps the space connected to the rest of the floor in a somewhat open concept office design.

We selected a soft “Dove Grey” powder coat for the glass wall panel frames, which subtly blends in with the soft grey lobby carpet and office wall paint. It’s a great view from the reception couch!

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