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Office Furniture Installation


Superior Essex


Atlanta, GA


February 2019

Design Library

2D Floor Plan


Superior Essex is the world’s largest producer of “magnet wire,” an insulated copper or aluminum wire that interchanges electrical energy with magnetic energy. It’s used for large transformers, motors, and other products in the automotive, energy, and industrial sectors.

The client had plans for carving out a collaborative office space in Atlanta, a part of their product development center. They wanted the office interior design concept to be vibrant, bold, and inspiring. A place where exciting new product ideas can spark and blossom.

The office style includes office flooring streaked with a high contrast woodgrain pattern, and office storage shelves and cabinets in bold oranges and blues. These high energy lines and colors, along with the white “daylight” bulbs in the overhead office lighting, all work together to help keep active minds stimulated.

The office furnishings include electric sit stand desks and active seating, both of which encourage freedom of movement while working & creating.

As the final and possibly most important aspect of this modern office design, we enclosed the office with glass walls and a floor to ceiling sliding glass door. To best facilitate an active and creative office space we specified the materials for the office wall partitions to double as glass write boards that can capture their best & brightest ideas... and even the not so great ones too.

The glass wall system is 9 feet high and anchored to the drop ceiling. The glass office door glides silently on its track by pulling the 48” long non-locking bar pull handle. The daily haiku contest entries scrawled on the glass panels are wonderful.

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