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Office Furniture Installation


Insurance Express


West Palm Beach, FL


November 2019

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Insurance Express takes the hassle out of searching for insurance in MA, NH, and FL. They represent major “A Rated” insurance carriers and provide their clients with comprehensive, multiline insurance solutions.

Insurance Express employs hundreds of insurance professionals, and every one of them requires professional office furniture. The open office design concept is conducive to the nature of their work, so we discussed the benefits of different benching systems on the market.

On the surface, all open office furniture workstations have similar form & function. Each worker gets a portion of a long, straight desk with personal space subtly defined by workstation storage and/or desktop dividers. The desk layout is arranged so people work side-by-side and face-to-face, like a family at a dinner table.

When you look closely at collaborative furniture, however, there are plenty of design & engineering details that make each brand unique. What materials are used, how electrical/data access is integrated, whether the system is based on low cubicle walls or just freestanding desks… all of these elements can impact price points and lead times.

After weighing the options the client fell in love with Optima Open Office Workstations, a panel system with a lean design, 3 week lead time, and attractive office furniture costs. Each 30x60 desk gets a 3 drawer file cabinet with lock, dual monitor arms (desk mount), and frosted glass dividers. The white office furniture is contrasted by bright red cubicle fabric walls and dark blue office accent walls, a near perfect match to their corporate logo colors.

Colors for Office Stations

Office Color Palette: Anchorage Red Delicious | WF | White Frost

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