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Office Furniture Installation


Raimore Construction


Portland , OR


November 2019

Design Library


Raimore Construction is a certified DBE contractor that has been working primarily in the Portland, OR market for 20 years. 

The thought of “modern used cubicles” sounds like an oxymoron but every so often under a blue moon, that’s exactly the kind of furniture inventory that comes our way, and they never last long. Raimore spotted these Herman Miller Canvas workstations on our preowned office furniture page and immediately called dibs. We quickly got to work on a suitable office furniture layout to fit their existing office space.

Canvas Channel is a panel-free office desk workstation with intuitive access to power & data, smartly placed work dividers, and freestanding storage. The modular desk components create a 6x6.5 work area for each team member, and show off bold & bright finishes of red, white, and charcoal grey.

The finished office interior design was clean & classy, and Raimore team members were delighted with their new workspace.

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