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Office Furniture Installation


American Soy Products


Saline, MI


August 2019

Design Library

2D Floor Plan
3D Rendering


American Soy Products is a Michigan-based Japanese-American joint venture partnership founded in 1985. Edensoy Soymilk, originally Japanese, created a new non-dairy liquid food category in the American grocery market. Today, ASP specializes in co-packing organic and conventional food products into Tetra Pak® shelf stable packaging and meeting FDA, USDA, Organic, and Kosher standards.

The client wanted office furniture in Michigan to accommodate 3 departments with a total of 19 employees, plus a receptionist. Based on the shape & size of the office square footage available our office layout design specialist created a business floorplan with 3 defined groups of workstations, all with a 5.5’x6’ cubicle dimension. She also added a reception cubicle in matching components and colors.

Most stations have 53” panel height with cubicle windows along the entryways for visual openness and design continuity. For all stations placed against the existing office walls, we increased the height of those cubicle panels to 67”. That extra 14” of panel allows space to hang overhead storage cabinets, where the rest of the stations with lower panels have smaller half-height open shelves.

Of the many cubicle manufacturers we sell, O2 Corporate Office Furniture was the winning match to fit the client’s budget, lead time, and color preference. Choosing their finish selections from the O2 Budget Program resulted in a nice discount that would bring a smile to any facility manager’s face.

Colors for Office Stations

Office Color Palette: O2 Smokey Pine | MT | Hardrock Maple

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