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Office Furniture Installation


Skilled Nursing Pharmacy


West Covina, CA


October 2019

Design Library

2D Floor Plan
3D Rendering


Skilled Nursing Pharmacy has multiple locations throughout California. They specialize in providing prescribed medications and consultations to residents in skilled nursing facilities and other senior care settings. They strive to provide long-term care patients with a streamlined, effective, trusted, efficient, and value-driven approach to fulfilling their pharmaceutical needs.

The client worked with an in-house interior designer for offices and they partnered with our corporate furniture dealership to provide the space planning, commercial office furniture, and project management on the furniture installation process for the entire company floor.

The cubicle office design was tricky. The room dimensions, door & window locations, and common pathways dictated that standard cubicle sizes weren’t the best approach to the office layout. 5x5 desk stations provided ample room to work at a 2-sided desk, but there wasn’t enough space to comfortably fit the client’s requirement of 50+ spots. Smaller 2x4 desks left too much emptiness in the room and didn’t provide enough individual work space. They were delighted with our solution to use custom cubicles of varying unique sizes to maximize the office space as best as possible. Most of the small workstation desks averaged 4’x5.5’.

We specified Logiflex Level for the private office desk setups. The elegant combination of Level’s warm wood and shining chrome gives the offices a modern, luxurious appearance. We worked with one of our Canadian vendors to produce a custom conference table designed by the interior designer.


Cubicle Finishes
Fr701 Medium Grey | BU | Buka Bark
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