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Office Furniture Installation


UCLA Neurology


Los Angeles, CA


November 2019

Design Library

2D Floor Plan
3D Rendering


The UCLA Neurology Department, part of the UCLA School of Medicine, has been home to hundreds of esteemed scientists and clinicians over the years. In their classrooms, laboratories, and clinics the faculty, trainees, and staff work together on their primary directive to improve the quality of life for people affected by neurological disorders.

The client wanted to furnish a new research lab with study carrels for research students. We designed the space to include the same 2’x4’ size & shape as call center desks with 67”H power/data capable cubicle privacy panels.

To help save expenses but maximize the number of small work desks in the room, we took advantage of an existing wall with ample power/data outlets. We custom fit the desk, leg, and storage components and mounted them directly to the wall without using tall cubicle walls, which is a significant portion of the total cost of cubicles. Instead, we created a low-profile division of space with fabric desk dividers.

Work storage was a significant requirement to this project, to accommodate all the books, binders, and other materials that facilitate research. We installed white wall mounted bookshelves everywhere and provided one lockable filing cabinet on wheels for each station.

In an effort to give the research lab a clean and understated aesthetic, something quiet and not distracting, we used the O2 Style program of finishes for an office color palette of whites and pale greys. We hope to work with UCLA again soon!


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