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Office Furniture Installation


Fidelity Payment Services Ph2


Brooklyn, NY


July 2018

Design Library

2D Floor Plan


Fidelity Payment Services is one of the largest electronic payment processors in North America. They offer a full suite of customizable payment solutions and one-on-one support to business owners that help streamline daily operations, fight fraud, lower expenses, and power growth. From credit cards to cash discounts, from online to in-store purchases – they have a service for that.

Due to the large scope of this commercial office furniture project, we split the office furniture delivery and assembly schedule into phases. In this second phase, we tackled the cubicle workstations  in the large open office workspace. Our office designer specified O2 Corporate Office Furniture Cubicles with a modern thin base and uniform 53”H cubicle panels to honor the open office space concept.

A total of 119 cubicles with glass frosted windows fully surrounding each workstation also feature dual monitor mounts and a filing cabinet with casters and a seat cushion. The most exciting part about this cubicle layout  is, of course, the colors! Bright fabric panels of watery blues & grassy greens next to the earthy woodgrain laminate work surfaces bring in wonderful elements of nature and the outdoors, juxtaposed with the industrial architecture of the office space.

Something that many office personnel complain about when working in large industrial spaces: The noise! The echoes! Little design tricks can help, like adding sound absorbent materials like cubicle fabrics and commercial carpet tiles . If you look closely in the photos, you’ll also notice pale colored, inconspicuous acoustic tiles suspended from the ceiling everywhere.

Click here to see Phase 1!

Colors for Office Stations

Office Color Palette: Anchorage Sea | Anchorage Fern | Anchorage Green | Reeds Iron | WF | Buka Bark

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