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Office Furniture Installation


Baltic Linen


Manhattan, NY


November 2017

Design Library

2D Floor Plan
3D Rendering


Baltic Linen (a division of Sobel Westex) is a family-owned business producing quality bed and bath linens for nearly 100 years. They’re a leading supplier of quality brands for the hospitality, cruise, retail, and healthcare industries. Baltic Linen’s Manhattan showroom is a place where retail partners can come and meet with the in-house design and development team to work on new product development.

Naturally this showroom needs to be a creative and welcoming environment, and a key part of that is keeping everything neat, clean, and organized. Our office interior design team recommended the ideal space saving storage solution for their samples library.

The MobileTrak high density filing system sits on a non-grouted, interlocking track system on the floor, which allows people easy rolling access to the entire design library in a small, compact footprint. The open library shelving neatly displays colorful stacks of the company’s best linens, easy to find when needed and easy to tuck out of sight when done.

Not only does this high density storage have space saving advantages by maximizing storage space, it’s also very adaptable to change. Because the system is modular on a removable track system, the client has the freedom to reconfigure their library storage a number of ways as their business needs change.

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