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Office Furniture Installation


GoodCat Laboratories


Naples, FL


June 2020

Design Library

2D Floor Plan
3D Rendering


GoodCat Labs provides testing services for the medical marijuana and e-liquid industries. They also manufacture white label e-liquids that are made in the USA, available in hundreds of flavors, and kosher certified.

During a company expansion the client selected our office interior design team to lead an office buildout for a reception area, large conference room, and 7 private offices. These office areas would be client-facing, so they wanted a professional, inviting office space.

One interesting interior design challenge: The raw open office space was roughly 2,400 sq. feet and had only 4 windows along one wall. Without much natural daylight to work with, we needed to seize as much opportunity as possible from the lighting grid overhead.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When an office interior gives you a lighting challenge, make glass wall partitions. We chose a sophisticated, seamless glass wall system to divide up the raw without blocking light or sightlines.

Floor to ceiling butt glass panels and frameless glass doors create a visually open and flowing modern glass office interior that keeps the entire floor feeling bright and wide open. We applied a frosted vinyl film to the office dividing walls between offices for a layer of privacy.

Our demountable glass wall system integrates concealed electrical and data cabling wherever needed. We simply tie into the building power from an access point in the floor, wall, or ceiling, and route it through the aluminum channels on the free-standing glass wall using UL listed Byrne electrical components.

Our office design team used architectural glass to deliver a refined yet practical solution. The client gave us the highest satisfaction rating on this project and commented: “I worked with a very professional team. From the design stage all the way through to installation. I couldn't be happier.” We couldn’t be happier, either!

FRAME: MS Silver

PARTITION TYPE: Seamless Glass Wall Model#TT11

GLASS: 3/8 inch thick Single Pane, Tempered


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