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Office Furniture Installation


Lefrak - Plexi Screens


Corona, NY


May 2020

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Headquartered in NYC, LeFrak is a real estate company with over 400 properties including residential, commercial, and hotels. They invest in securities and private businesses as well as energy, oil, and gas.

Smart office concepts should be adaptable. New circumstances occur in everyday life, and a functional workspace design evolves quickly and fluidly with as little interruption as possible. In the year 2020, it goes without saying that work environment safety has become paramount in the face of airborne illness. Just like countless other companies, when Lefrak developed their business continuity plan for pandemic procedures, that plan included the addition of plexiglass shields anywhere and everywhere around their existing work furniture.

To facilitate a safe return to work, our interior office design pro developed a strategic “Plexi Protection Plan” for all open office cubicle desks in multiple facilities – this is one of many. We added clear acrylic panels to the tops of all cubicle panels where people needed a safe physical barrier between faces, while still having full audio and visual interactions.

Clear plexiglass barrier shields can be temporary, but they may also become an indelible presence in the modern workplace.

Only time will tell.

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