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Office Furniture Installation


New York Employee Benefits


Manhattan , NY


September 2018

Design Library

2D Floor Plan
3D Rendering


The New York Employee Benefits Office conducts relations between NYC and the labor unions representing employees of the City. The commissioner serves on behalf of the mayor as liaison for labor and management in the private sector.

They wanted a full range of GSA office furniture in New York for the 18th floor of their building. Our office interiors design team got to work on an office plan layout to include cubicles with glass, L shaped executive desks and manager desks for private offices, conference & interview tables for meeting rooms, office reception furniture, and of course - business chairs for all.

We produced a cubicle layout for just over 50 comfortably sized U-shaped cubicles from our O2™ Corporate Office Furniture system, optimally spacing the workstation clusters around structural columns.

53”H fabric cubicle walls stretch as far as the eye can see in this plan, which grant all users a defined individual workspace with moderate privacy. Every worker has 4 cubicle windows flanking the entry to their work area. These office partitions with glass add visual interest, allow light flow, and encourage visual contact.

Deep charcoal tones of the cubicle panels and light cream laminate desktops echo the paint colors on the office doors and walls, nicely contrasting the light grey patterned commercial carpet tiles.

The Global Zira line had all the right components for simple & stylish rounded desks for the interview rooms, small and large conference tables, and a reception station. Cherryman Amber had the right style and price point for the private office furniture case goods – with a near matching woodgrain finish.

As a government project, they had strict budget constraints. But who said sophistication isn’t attainable on a budget?

Colors for Office Stations

Office Color Palette: Crosstown Mystic | MT | Antique White

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