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Office Furniture Installation


New York Employee Benefits


Manhattan , NY


August 2020

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2D Floor Plan
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NY Employee Benefits is a division of the NYC Office of Labor Relations, managing benefits programs for NYC union workers. In 2018, we worked with them on the corporate interior design for their 17th floor offices in Manhattan, and provided them with new office furniture (see it here!).

In 2020, the Covid-19 virus changed the way we interact with interior spaces and people. As we write this in Sept. 2020, it’s unclear how long social distancing at workplaces might last, so we’ve developed a flexible range of permanent and temporary plexiglass barriers for desks and cubicle workstations, as well as sneeze guards for reception desks and other areas where employees interact with the public.

Our original office furniture installation had 18 L-shaped cubicles sized 6’x8’x53”H, and cubicle walls with windows along the walkways. We gave them a social distancing office layout that imposed a minimal impact on their time & resources. Instead of having to replace or move office furniture, we simply added clear cubicle wall extenders to serve as workplace shields.

Our Privy Plexiglass Screens are designed to be quick and hassle free by simply clamping over the tops of cubicle wall panels. We can do a variety of heights & widths – here we used 14”H screen dividers, bringing the total panel height to 67” which facilitates physical protection without hindering visual access between colleagues.

Social distancing office design will evolve in years to come. For now, we are committed to providing our customers with easy and reliable solutions that prioritize employee safety without compromising office interior design.

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