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Office Furniture Installation


JDH Accounting


Los Angeles, CA


October 2020

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JDH Accounting is a small accounting firm who passionately advocates for their clients and represent their interests with tenacity, while ensuring strict adherence to established accounting and legal guidelines.

The JDH team wanted new cubicle workstations for their small team in their small office. Due to the sensitive nature of their work, they needed tall cubicle panels to provide privacy and sound dampening for phone calls. The client also specifically requested desk height electrical and data outlets.

The Matrix tiled modular cubicle system offers flexible power management at any height and is not restricted to only base outlets. 66”H modular cubicle walls surround 6’ x 6’ L shaped work desks – the most typical average cubicle size.

The cubicle design has grey metal cubicle base panels which are more resistant to wear & tear than the fabric counterparts and eliminate the need for kickplates.  Above that, we used icy blue tackable acoustic panels and strategically placed glass stacking panels to carry the natural lighting.

Each workstation includes a box box file pedestal and a file file pedestal for adequate document storage, and has a beltline electric power panel for hassle-free power and data access.

The AIS Matrix cubicle system is truly functional and, together with the contemporary finishes, refreshes and revitalizes this small office space.

Colors for Office Stations

Office Color Palette: Simplicity Gray Blue | Warm Brown1 | Aimtoo Savatre

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