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Office Furniture Installation


RR Media


Huntington Beach, CA


March 2009

Design Library

2D Floor Plan


RR Media specializes in communications and technology solutions. They excel at interpreting and meeting their clients’ branding needs in a wide variety of media, ranging from print to digital.

Company successes led to company expansion which led to relocation into a larger office space in Huntington Beach. They hired us to provide office design ideas and new office furniture for a sales floor and a reception area. Expecting future growth, they were focused on modular workstations that could be easily reconfigured and grow with their needs.

Matrix office systems furniture offers flexibility like no other. The tiled framework of the modular cubicle system means cubicle height, cubicle size and cubicle color combinations can be easily adjusted to evolve with the team’s requirements.

Their office square footage was plenty of room for an office space plan of 6x6 cubicles with 70”H desk partitions for privacy and individual focused workflows. The modular panels along the aisles include cubicle windows  to prevent workers from feeling too isolated and boxed-in. Each desk configuration includes a box box file pedestal and cubicle storage shelves.

For the reception area design we introduced a half round reception desk and a matching storage wall with frosted glass doors and aluminum accents – which fit perfectly into the exact width of the office alcove behind the welcome desk.

Colors for Office Stations

Office Color Palette: Stream Lightsand | Medium Tone | Corporate Walnut

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