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Office Furniture Installation


Prudential BKB Realtors


El Paso, TX


December 2008

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2D Floor Plan
3D Rendering


Prudential BKB Realtors is a respected force the real estate industry in El Paso. They excel at providing value to their clients and always go above and beyond to provide the best service in real estate.

The client hired us to provide office planning and office design ideas for small business needs, to fit a team of 15 into an open office space of less than 1,000sf. The managers wanted privacy, the sales team needed a somewhat collaborative office space, and we needed to complete the space with small workstations for junior staff and hotdesking for visitors and interns.

O2™ modular office furniture is a cubicle system with the flexibility to cater to all of the project requirements – from a private cubicle office with door to a hot desk and everything in between.

85” high modular office walls create private office cubicles with doors and glass view panels. Inside, peninsula desks wrap around to form u-shaped desks with two overhead storage bins mounted to the office partitions.

For the remaining office workstation desks we designed a cubicle layout with a variety of office panel heights: 67”H with glass, 67”H fabric, 53”H, and 39” low cubicle walls form an office interior to suit various workers, various types of work, and various privacy needs.

Using a single range of corporate office furniture, we kept the costs to a minimum and the project timeline well within reach. This grey and blue office furniture installation is a superb example of practicality, ingenuity, and aesthetics meeting working together in office design.

Colors fpr Office Stations

Office Color Palette: Spinel Quarry | MT | Wild Cherry

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