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Office Furniture Installation


Frank Hirth


New York, NY


October 2012

Design Library

2D Floor Plan
3D Rendering


Frank Hirth is an international accounting firm that specializes in transatlantic taxation between the US and UK. They advise on complex tax issues for individuals, corporations, partnerships, and trusts. They’re also a repeat client!

The client needed office furniture in New York for their new office area. They acquired an open plan office with the intention of creating a collaborative office space for a team of over 50 accountants and wanted a unique, modern office layout. The mostly digital nature of their work meant that the workers’ needs would be met with simple, small workstations and minimal storage capacity.

With the goal of creating a visually enticing modern office interior, we took an unconventional approach to this office design. Our space planner developed a cool zig zag layout with our O2™ cubicle system. Such an approach to the office floorplan maintains the form & function of collaborative furniture but skews it just enough so each team member feels a greater sense of personal workspace.

Each staggered workstation has a white 30x60 desk top with 39”H grey cubicle walls on two sides topped with frosted acrylic screens. Each station includes a set of white file drawers on wheels and panel-mounted paper trays for desk clutter management.

Our innovative corporate interiors design solution looks like a million bucks. And that’s tax-free!

Colors for Office Stations

Office Color Palette: Streetwise Asphalt | WHITE | White Now

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