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Innovative Business Solutions


Rohnert Park, CA


October 2018

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Founded in 1991, Innovative Business Solutions, Inc. provides a wide selection of payroll service products from simple payroll and tax service applications, to a fully-integrated Human Resource Management System.

In this project, we helped our client renovate and refresh their existing office space with a focus on modern finishes, employee comfort... and lots and lots of glass! They brought us a fun challenge: give every employee a workspace that functions like a private office, including the extra privacy and security of lockable doors, while at the same time keeping a somewhat collaborative, open office feel. They didn't want the workspaces to feel too closed off from one another, or make the space feel cramped by adding so many walls.

Using 85" high glass-topped panels from our O2 Corporate Office Furniture system and custom panel doors with glass inserts, we were able to give them the best of both worlds. As an added bonus, by choosing to work with tall "almost to the ceiling" panels instead of permanent sheetrock walls, we were able to work with and around the unique wood accents and uneven levels of their existing ceiling, saving them thousands of extra dollars in their budget. A truly innovative office space for an innovative company!


Spinel Obsidian | HF | Buka Bark

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