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Advance Medical Group


Hackensack, NJ


April 2019

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2D Floor Plan
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AMG has provided medical care to patients in northern New Jersey for over a decade. Their range of services includes preventive medicine, medical weight loss, and care for acute and chronic conditions.

The client came to us with architectural drawings for a nearly 1,000sf wide open office space they had recently acquired. They needed our help to efficiently convert it into 4 private offices - 2 of them for managers, and the other 2 for shared working space. They didn't want to invest in the costs or commit to the permanence of integrated sheetrock walls, and luckily we had the perfect solution.

We specified cubicle components and modular walls from the Budget Series of O2 Corporate Office Furniture, which offers discounted pricing for a select set of finishes. Since the space had low 8ft ceilings, we were able to provide plenty of privacy by creating office walls with 85"H fabric panels and locking door panels. Leaving about a foot of open space up to the ceiling, the client benefitted from not having to pay to reroute any of the existing HVAC, lighting, or sprinkler systems.

We chose subdued, neutral finishes in order to blend in with the existing interiors and help make a somewhat small space feel as large and open as possible. We also provided guest seating, task chairs and manager's chairs for a complete package. The client was very pleased with how simple and affordable we were able to make their office furnishing project.

Budget Series Finishes:

Sprite Sherbet | MT | Folkstone Grey

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