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1. What type of furniture would you like to sell?
Pro Selling Tip:
The More, the Merrier! 50+ LIKE ITEMS have a good chance of getting you a $ return. 25+ have a fair chance. Smaller lots or mixed/mismatched pieces rarely have a value on the reseller’s market.

2. Describe your furniture
Pro Selling Tip:
Greater details can lead to faster answers on your inventory’s value. Zero details can result in zero feedback.

3. What is the condition of your furniture?
Pro Selling Tip:
We are picky in what we purchase, because our customers are picky in what they will accept. We seldom consider inventories lower than a 4 or 5 Star condition rating.

4. Are you aware of the brand of your furniture?
Pro Selling Tip:
We love big brand commercial grade furniture like Knoll, Steelcase, Haworth, Herman Miller and Teknion. We do not love furniture from Staples, Ikea, etc.

5. What is your time frame?
Pro Selling Tip:
Selling used furniture can take time. The more time we have to find a potential buyer, the better. Buyback opportunities with a pressured deadline are not our favorite.

6. Where is your furniture located?
Pro Selling Tip:
The closer you are to a city center, the better. Rural areas or remote locations often require longer travel times for our trucks and labor crew, which can cut into your resale value.

City: State:
7. Is your furniture assembled?
Pro Selling Tip:
Unless you can provide extensive photos of the furniture still standing in the original environment, along with an inventory list or space plan, chances are slim that we can buyback an inventory already dismantled and stored.

8. What are your building regulations? Chek all that apply:
Pro Selling Tip:
Extra labor costs you extra money. Overtime and/or union rates will generally drain any chance of a resale value on used office furniture, unless you have pure gold.

9. Are you looking to replace your old furniture with anything new?
Pro Selling Tip:
Even if your inventory does not have a good resale value, we can often absorb the costs of removal and disposal or offer a discount if we are also providing and installing new items for you as a package deal.

10. Upload images
Pro Selling Tip:
Help us help you! People are attracted to shiny things. Great images give us a better chance to close a great deal. Dark and blurry does not sell. Furniture cluttered with desktop junk does not sell.

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    11. If you have inventory list or original purchase order, please upload it here.
    Pro Selling Tip:
    Just like photos and detailed descriptions, an organized list of parts and pieces can go a long way in finding the right buyer. Bonus points for original documents that show a purchase date, model numbers and finish codes!

    12. Anything else you'd like to tell us about this project?
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