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Office Furniture Installation


Honeywell Intelligrated


London, OH


December 2018

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2D Floor Plan
3D Rendering


Honeywell Intelligrated helps retailers, manufacturers, and logistics providers transition from manual to automated processes through the integration of smart technology systems.

Our client wanted to replace their old office furniture with a more ergonomic furniture solution for their office, with storage space. We specified electric adjustable height desks to promote workplace wellness and encourage employees to stand and move throughout the workday.

We used 120-degree corner sit stand desks to create six dogbone workstation clusters and a few smaller cluster workstations. 67”H fabric cubicle walls with windows offer moderate separation and privacy at any seated or standing height, as well as areas for cubicle hanging storage.

The framed plexiglass dividers on top of cubicle walls facilitate eye contact and work collaboration between coworkers using their standing desks vs sitting, while serving as sufficient workplace shields to help with privacy, noise reduction, and germ spread in an open office space.

The office layout includes a variety of modern office storage units: mobile box box file pedestals, locking overhead storage bins and open shelves. 2 drawer lateral filing cabinets flank the ends of each desk cluster.

We combined warm sandy cubicle fabric and wood-look laminate worktops with black metal storage cabinets and trim paint for a classic combo to complement the rich office color scheme of the existing interior. Our design team really enjoyed creating this warm, functional, ergonomic office space!

Colors for Office Stations

Office Color Palette: Reeds Bisque | BU | Buka Bark

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