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Office Furniture Installation


B&H Photo


New York, NY


August 2017

Design Library

2D Floor Plan
3D Rendering


For over 40 years, B&H Photo and Video has provided electronic equipment to photographers and videographers, professionals and enthusiasts alike. They’re the largest non-chain photo & video equipment store in the U.S. and have over 6 floors of employees & office furniture in NYC, above their retail superstore.

We’ve been proud partners with B&H for well over a decade and have provided them with anything and everything in the world of corporate office interior design – office space planning, commercial grade furniture, office renovations, office moving and storage, custom IT solutions, and of course, office furniture installations. This project was in the northeast section on the 9th floor.

Challenge #1: Fit 27 HR workers into an area with limited square footage. Everyone wanted an L-shaped workstation, but the smallest typical size is a 5x5 cubicle and there wasn’t room to fit 27 of those.

Challenge #2: For security purposes the office space design needed to include physical separation between 3 areas for recruiting, payroll, and general HR. However, they didn’t want anything as visually obstructive as sheetrock office walls.

O2 Corporate Office Furniture is a highly flexible cubicle system that’s never met a challenge it can’t tackle. With a few office layout tricks we created special 4.5’x5’ cubicle configurations to fit the space available. Extra tall 85”H modular cubicle walls divide the office area into 3 spaces, and a locking cubicle office door adds more security to payroll. Finally, we created the effect of “physical walls without visual walls” by stacking an impressive amount of cubicle window tiles.

Colors for Office Stations

Office Color Palette: Anchorage Birch | MT | McKinley White

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