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Office Furniture Installation


Infogroup USA




October 2018

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Infogroup delivers innovative data and tech solutions in targeted online and offline platforms. They help their clients win customer loyalty and maximize sales. They clearly know what they’re doing, because they’re always growing.

We’ve really enjoyed being Infogroup’s office furniture vendor of choice over the years and throughout the U.S. They always have a fresh and fun office furniture style that excites our commercial interiors design team and sparks their creativity.

We met with them at an office furniture showroom to get inspiration and build their wish list for a new commercial office space in DC. We needed to fill nearly 10,000 square feet with executive furniture, open office furniture, conference room furniture, huddle tables, breakroom tables and chairs, modern lounge furniture, and of course business chairs for all.

We focused primarily on bright, white office furniture throughout the entire space with accents of silver, charcoal, and apple green for a nice pop of energetic color. The consistent office color palette unites the modern modular desks in the 18 executive offices with the 74 modern bench desks in the open offices.

The only areas where we deviated from this office theme were the meeting rooms, where we balanced all the white with chocolate woodgrain boardroom tables with power outlets and data integrated into the tops.

Another interesting feature of this office installation: there are small huddle rooms and single-person office phone rooms scattered throughout the open office layout in an effort to support employees with flexible workspaces that offer opportunities for both privacy and collaboration. Each phone room has a single lounge chair with tablet arm and a modern small side table.

We faced multiple challenges in this project including continuous layout iterations, long lead times, fixed deadlines, and a set budget. Despite these hurdles, this project turned out beautifully and has become one of our favorites.

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